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Full Version: Worklist #2 - HWS is the priority!
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Can I call Thermal Pisces T125ES?
(Jun. 13, 2011  3:29 AM)Wraith Wrote: [ -> ]Can I call Thermal Pisces T125ES?

You don't call anything. Just write it.
I'll write Rock Escolpio.
Can't dibs them any more, but if you do it, give me a yell once you've written a draft, there's a few things about escolpio worth noting that I might do some testing to show (though I'd need someone with video capability, or to work out my stuff).

It's great with slopes and destabilising and smacking stuff on low rock combo's, yeah. Plus, it's a prime example of an irregular wheel for attackers (if that's worth putting in the wiki). Meh.
Yeah, that's worth putting in.

This is a good start to which you can start adding too, if you want.
Does Vulcan Horseus need a draft?
No it already have one.

I changed the RF article, i added MF lightning L drago BD145RF if thats OK

Edit:we should add the other versions of vulcan horuseus. (RBV7)
hey Kei, can I do metal face remodeling ver? i do have them as well. also, if Burn Phoenix has no draft, could i also write the draft? i ve had mine since late January this year... only a suggestion though
Beyblade Recoil article, anyone?

I could do it.

The confusion about recoil seems to have died down, but I think it'd be good to have for the future, whether we refer someone to it, or someone reads it on their own.
I think that would be a really useful article to have.
Called VariAres cause I already started it.

I own it.
I call Scythe Kronos, I own it and will start right away
Calling L-Drago Destroy because I own it, and I'm getting it finished.

EDIT: Done!:
I'm calling Big Bang Pegasis F : D.
I'm calling Cyber Pegasus
and BeyBladestation

(Jan. 12, 2011  10:03 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jan. 11, 2011  3:32 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]Instead of like calling articles maybe people should just be enlightned as to what articles still need written. You end up with morons calling beys or less adept members reserving articles someone more qualified might otherwise attempt.

Yeah, exactly. Honestly, the whole idea of calling articles is relatively meaningless nowadays. If you want to write something, just write it. Articles which have already been written to an acceptable quality will be removed from the OP anyway.

Better to have too many articles than for people to get confused and have none.
(Jun. 22, 2011  3:01 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Can't dibs them any more

Ya I guess but I don't want two of the same.
Having different articles from different members is good, it gives a chance for everyone to see which one is better.
But it wastes time.

Believe me, try writing a draft with sOmeone doing the same one, all that time and effort could a been wasted
Well, consider it a contest then. Best draft wins! Grin
Either way, Kei didn't make a statement on that.

It's a shame barely members are helping by making drafts that's why I started. To bring good infOrmation.
I'd love to help out, but it wouldn't be good enough, I can only base what I say on others, as I'm limited to where I get beys and what I have. Lips_sealed
(Aug. 18, 2011  2:47 AM)BeyBladestation Wrote: [ -> ]But it wastes time.

Believe me, try writing a draft with sOmeone doing the same one, all that time and effort could a been wasted

Well, every wiki is a collaboration between all its members anyway. I don't see the problem if there are numerous drafts. Like I said before, better to have too many drafts of relative quality which we can amalgamate than for one draft than for only one terrible draft to exist.
I understand. Completely.

Still want , more to help out the Wiki.
(Aug. 26, 2011  1:20 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Disappointed to see everyone's forgotten the pattern with tt/sk cs's is based on what they're released in, not the manufacturer (alongside small variances)...

Not like I put effort into getting people to remember that or anything, just keep posting incorrect information..........

As a refresher: th!nk's guide to CS's (needs formatting etc, I'm on my phone so yeah).

Tt/sk Ray unicorno starter: generally aggro, some calm.

Ray unicorno booster: calm, rarely aggro.

Rbv6: calm, very rarely aggro

Hasbro Ray Unicorno (Starter/Booster?): very aggro, wearing to calm quickly, then back to aggro, and so on. One or two instances of calmer ones.

TENTATIVE: Hasbro Lightning Sword Showdown: Calm, less rubber than others.

All cs's generally become aggressive with an unbalanced wheel like basalt and a strong launch, though a steadier launch can help prevent this somewhat.

Try and remember it this time...

Due to circumstance, I dont have the time to turn this information into beywiki worthyness. Can anyone else do it? (edit the CS section)

If not, I will just do it when I return
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