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Full Version: Nintendo Network IDs/Wi-Fi Connection Numbers
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Mine is 2320-6137-7241, I play Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and POKEMON on multiplayer.
Eh, might as well post my friend code.

My 3DS Friend Code is: 0447 - 5715 - 5656

And I play Pokémon X/Y (Multiplayer) Feel free to add me/battle me!
My 3DS friend code is in my signature. I don't have anything now, but soon I'll have Pokemon Y, and Dead or Alive Dimensions. My Pokemon Black 2 FC is 0047-5474-8581.
My FC is 4184 1794 2696. PM me yours if you want me added. My name is Joel.
Just got a 3DS last month. My friend code is: 1177-7696-5998
I just got my Wii U today! Joyful_3

Add me if you want to. I'm: Pyrus10000
My 3DS Friend code is 2449-4721-7799 if anyone wants to add me reply or pm me.
*I will add you, later on today.
My Wii U Code Is: AnimeSkillz.Wii

Add Me If U Want To, I Play SSB4 24/7 Lol.
My Nintendo Network ID: sadd
I only play SSB4, and I seriously want to voice chat. You don't need a headset, you just need the Wii-U gamepad in front of you for the mic to work.
My friend code is 2079-7913-7319. My name is Blytz.

Note, this is for 3DS.
4184 1794 2696 My 3DS FC
PM me if you wanna play MK7.
3DS Friend code is 1392-6968-5318. Name is Devon. Add me for Smash if you'd like.
My friend code is 3196-3270-5868 for 3ds. I play ssb4, pokemon omega ruby, fossil fighters fronteir, mario kart 7
Friend code is 3411-0503-3737. but I lost my copy of smash 4 so there really isn't much reason to friend me. Hahah.

My NNID is Bladerguy2
And I play Splatoon. ALL THE TIME haha. Seeing as it's my only wii u game.
have lots of 3ds games to name a few (smash/mk7/star fox )and lots more. pm me for friend code
3DS FC: 0748-3221-8712
I have SSB, MK7, MKDS
PM me your FCs so I can add you back
Man I wish the dsi still had WiFi connection who else does
Does anyone even talk on this thread anymore
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