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Full Version: Hasbro's Beyblade Burst mobile game and part name changes revealed
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We’ve been anticipating Hasbro's release of Beyblade Burst ever since it was announced at New York Toy Fair in February, and today we got the first glimpse of its release … in the form of a mistakenly-released iOS app.

If you haven't already been reading posts around the site, we've recently learnt about some pretty interesting updates:

Details on Hasbro's version of the Beyblade Burst App!

[Image: IMG_1527.jpg]

While similar in someways to Takara Tomy's own Beyblade Burst app, it is also very different in most.

Unlike Takara Tomy's app that simply adds basic functionality and code-scanning on top of the website, Hasbro's app introduces a battling component — which obviously gives off a similar vibe to — as well as Stats, a virtual Store, Battle History and Beyblade Levels.

[Image: image.png]

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By selecting one of your four Beyblades, tap the crossed swords. You are given the options of Training, Multiplayer and playing in a Tournament style (which both aren't released to the public just yet).

[Image: image.png]

When the Training option is tapped, you are given the choices of facing either a Custom Opponent, a Random Opponent or a Recent Opponent (which will lead you to a page with previous customization you've played).

[Image: bbbbii.png]

The rules to win are pretty easy to learn. First to three points: Burst Finishes are worth 2 points and Survivor Finishes (outspinning the opposing Beyblade) 1 point.

[Image: bbbb22.png]

To adjust your Launcher, slide it across the screen to your liking. While the feature is there, however, it really isn't entirely useful or necessary to win a BeyBattle. To launch, fill the meter below by tapping the needle when it enters the ''hot zone''. This will give you the edge in stamina as well as a spin bonus.

[Image: image.png]

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There are also other ways to get the upperhand in battle. These include Energy Orbs and Avatar Attacks.

[Image: ejdi.png]

Name Changes!

With the new Beyblade Burst app came with it a ton of name changes!

Valkyrie is renamed Valtryek.
Spriggan is renamed Spryzen.
Kerbeus remains unchanged.
Ragnaruk is renamed Roktavor.
Deathscyther is renamed Doomscizor.
Horusood remains unchanged.
Odin is renamed Odax.
Neptune is renamed Nepstrius.
Unicorn is renamed Unicrest.
Wyvern is renamed Wyvron.

Victory Valkyrie is renamed Valtryek V2.
Storm Spriggan is renamed Spryzen S2.
Kaiser Kerbeus is renamed Kerbeus K2.
Rising Ragnaruk is renamed Roktavor R2.

Layers are renamed Energy Layers.
Discs are renamed Forge Discs.
Drivers are is renamed Performance Tips.

Survive = TS01
Revolve = TS05
Press = TD04
Massive = TD02
Fusion = TB01
Edge = TS03
Defense = TD01
Blow = TA03
Accel = TA01
Zephyr = TB02
Variable = TA06
Unite = TB03

(S, D, A and B presumably stand for Stamina, Defense, Attack and Balance.)

Central = D08
Boost = D01
Armed = D10
Wing = D05
Spread = D06
Ring = D09
Oval = D13
Limited = D04
Knuckle = D02
Heavy = D07
Gravity = D03

All of these pieces are available in game.

While some of the names pretty interesting, we haven't really seen any amazing reactions to them. Most of these will be definite changes for those who had adjusted to the original names. Doomscizor was without a doubt the craziest to most!

That's it for now, Bladers! What do you think of all these new — yet overwhelming — changes? Hopefully we'll be seeing some physical ones at stores in the near future!
Its useful to have these lists. Thanks!
So far, I leveled up all but Kerbeus to Level 2 and bought some skins.
Defense is op, especially Wyvron. It's Ultimate is powerful.
Hopefully the toys release because Valtryek V2 is pretty expensive.
lol i said valkyrie rip
Wow Thanks for a list of the name changes Mitsu. I had a hard time figuring out If a certain driver was Accel or Fusion because they look the same.
Awesome recap, thank you Mitsu!
Thanks for the Burst App 'primer'. The Disk and Driver explanation is very helpful Smile

The app isn't that bad, and is what I would expect from an online Beyblade game. It's the type of game to play every once in a while. Though the game isn't (possibly) complete, seeing as it was removed from the App Store, it's a nice beta or whatever you want to call this early version.

Can't wait to see the final version Grin
I think the app is a major improvement over Although, I wonder how it will evolve as the season progresses.

Good recap Mitsu!
Questionable renames aside, this app honestly looks great. I mean, for a free toy tie-in, and compared to Takara-Tomy's pretty pathetic attempts, it's basically a masterpiece. The graphic style and icongraphy are all really cool. Those type icons, in particular, should be used everywhere. So good!
I love that I can plough through Level 5 DSR combos with a Level 3 KHD.
I just wish the full beys and stadiums cost less, but maybe the QR codes can give you points too, idk :P
OK now the app isn't working again for any battles. Suggestions?
im just waiting for the ap to show up on the google play store, though from what i understand this was a miss launch?
can somebody send me a link to the app, i cant find it.
Thanka for recap Mitsu!!!

umm Real Libra. I guess it's only available to Apple App Store. it may come to Google Play Store Later
(Aug. 12, 2016  5:52 AM)The Real Libra Wrote: [ -> ]can somebody send me a link to the app, i cant find it.

It's not available. The took it down.
Wow, they went all out with those name changes and made them fairly complicated...though I guess that's not really an issue in the grand scheme of things.

The app looks interesting, anyway.

Thanks, Mitsu!

So it evolved then
I can't believe nobody realized this, but they renamed the Original layers. that means that THEY ARE RELEASING THE ORIGINAL LAYERS!!!

(Aug. 12, 2016  5:28 PM)Flame~Capricorn Wrote: [ -> ]I can't believe nobody realized this, but they renamed the Original layers. that means that THEY ARE RELEASING THE ORIGINAL LAYERS!!!

It doesn't mean that. We know the original Layers are being used in the app too, but that doesn't guarantee they'll be released. We shouldn't assume our speculation is the truth.
Thank you mitsu for providing all this information. Smile

With the unnecessary name changes aside I really like the design and the gameplay of the app. I also like it that they call the spirits now "avatars". But did anybody else noticed that the BeyLogger in the game is compleatly different from the Takara Tomy one? The lights are now on the other side and are yellow, orange and red instead of green, yellow and red and the lamps don´t light up when a Bey is attatched. Also the word Beyblade is now written in grand letters and faces away from you if you launch with the right hand in real life? They also added an additional arrow that sits between the B and the yellow lamp.
The BeyLogger lights are reversed, as is the launcher, which I would think is a 'cosmetic' choice. I would also think that the lights being solid colours is for simplicity.
Well, it could also be that Hasbro might dramatically redesign the BeyLogger for the western market. I wouldn't be surprised if they did (if they do release the BeyLogger).

I'd missed "Avatars" — that's pretty cool.
Stoked. So so so stoked.

Gameplay Live streamed earlier today
(Aug. 13, 2016  1:22 AM)LdragoWolfe Wrote: [ -> ]Stoked. So so so stoked.

The games really fun and where have ya been?
(Aug. 13, 2016  2:11 AM)originalzankye Wrote: [ -> ]
Gameplay Live streamed earlier today

Wouldn't this be better on the Beyblade Videos thread? I'm not sure mods like advertisement elsewhere.
I think it's OK to share a video of your own if it's on topic, but please try to do so sensibly. In this case it seems fine.
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