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Full Version: How's your local toy store after Christmas 2013 ?
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This is an odd topic that might not pass usually, but I just think we really need to get a good impression of how Beyblade is doing in the world right now, in addition to my thread about Beyblade's state in Japan :

So, personally, where I live, the Toys "R" Us is, as of earlier this week, perhaps on December 23rd or 24th, completely empty of Beyblade products. There were only a few BeyWarriors items left, but I know for certain that there were a lot of Metal Fury/Spark FX as well as Shogun Steel products before, therefore this is awesome news for Beyblade on my side.

What about your local toy stores though ? Obviously, we have the BeyMap for global stock presence in more normal times, but what about now ? How empty is it ?

(Ideally, you should have gone before they received the re-stock, and also right before the first Christmas sales near the beginning of December.)
I went to a Walmart on the 24th and Toys R US on the 26th. The Walmart was cleared of all beyblades except for one lone Samurai Ifrit. The Toys R Us had about 10-15 Spark FX beys, the majority of them being Quetzalcoatl, with 1 Proto Nemesis and a handful of Duo Ice Titans. No Shogun Steel, but several shelves of Beywarriors.
My Local Wal Mart is short on stock as of Christmas Eve. Our local Target had quite an abundance of Beyblades.
I haven't checked all the stores, but most of the stores in my area had stopped selling beyblades by the end of August. I last checked some local stores in the first week of December and there was no stock of beyblades there. The store owners didn't mention anything about a restock either.
At my local store , we have almost all hyperblades along with spark FX, they were just released around 4 months back in India IIRC ...
My local Walmart cleared out of Beyblades a few times, and kept restocking! Went today for some batteries, and saw a nice, stocked Beyblade section again.
I could tell there were more purchases than usual, but the stock was relatively the same. There was a lot still there unfortuantely. I don't think I've ever been upset when tere WAS a stock before, haha.
My regular Wallmart store was full of Beywarriors stuff (Anyone that likes beyblade here pretty much shuns the bi-products) and the store attempted to make it look like they had stock by putting beywarriors in the beyblade sections (I can see the price tags.) There was only a small section in the back with SOME older shogun steel. No sign of the Samurai Cyclone set, (figures why I didnt get it for Christmas.) and even the octagon battle set was gone due to bladers and parents thinking its suitable for regular blading now.
near my place , none of dem are selling hasbro beys(only available beys in india) , so i buy it from a distributor and sell it on ebay . only hyperblades available at the moment.
Went to my TRU to get prizes for Beys of Our Lives a couple days back, only things they had were several Warriors, a stadium, a key chain, a wheel, and a Death Quetz. I picked up the Wheel, Key Chain, and Quetz. for prizes.

My local Target just got new stock of Shogun Steel, so it was full.

Walmart was bare, also.
My ones where empty. I went Boxing Day and the day after. So many kids where grabbing them, haha.

I'll try check tomorrow as well. All that was left was some of that Hasbro stuff (Forgot some, haha.)
My friend in new York Found an Dark knight dragoon Bey raider And I gave photo proof
Our stores seem to be bought the same still no Genbulls, Zirago or Pegasus but everything else from Ifrit to Gargoyle
My Stores seem to be lacking with the exception of Kmart and Target which still has a few mainstream items.
I've never seen a beyblade section so empty
I went to a Lowe's and a Walmart today. At Lowe's, there were about five Jade Juptiters, three VariAres, and two Blitz Unicornos. They were all those fake-looking ones, but they are real. There was also a Beywheelz 2-pack and tons of IR controlled LDrago's, but no new stuff.

At Walmart, there were at least twenty of the Beywarriors Octagon Showdown sets, tons of beys and synchrome packs, and even more Beywarriors. I'm not sure why there were so many. Bey warriors, but if they keep the Beyblade towline alive, I'm fine with it haha
i was at a lot of stores right before christmas. dont remember which day exactly. all stores still had a decent amount of stock at the time. bare shelves are not to be worried about as these stores get trucks almost every single day. what IS to be worried about is that if beystuffs arent moving from shelves enough for the store to rquest more stock from the distributors OR if some new hotter toy comes out that would cause stores to decide to drop beyproduct to make room for new merch

the stores from my town to up to an hour away: 2 walmarts, target, and k-mart. those are the only ones with toys
they all carry the exact same stuff

shogun steel beys, SS beywarriors, square stadiums, and they usually only have like 1 cyclone set on the shelves at a time. k-mart had a bunch of the keychain versions which i was suprised to see. i didnt purchase any because i thought it ridiculous for them to cost several dollars more than a regular bey
my local walmart JUST switched from darkhelms to blazing dojo's. who cares really. theyre the same thing

ifrit, salamander, orochi, revizer, golem, bahamoote, dragoon, and behemoth seem to be regulars everywhere
griffin, phoenix, and killerken seem to all be on the same level of very slight rarity
gargoyle is pretty rare. in the past few months searching all of the stores for one i was lucky enough to find only one
no pegasus or genbulls anywhere EVER. if any of the other ones are available in the u.s. then i dont even know about it. and ive searched stores a lot

as far as the 2 packs go, water synchrome seems to be pretty common everywhere followed by earth synchrome, and then there are even less of the air synchromes. i think ive even seen there being even less fire synchromes than the air ones
i actually had to search a few stores for a month before i even found another earth synchrome pack and luckilly at the same time same store they had one single air synchrome pack that id previously given up on

i suppose im done searching in all of the stores as it seems that i have bought all the ones available unless i see one i dont have. my next move for freshness is to import a bbg-24 & 25
(Dec. 28, 2013  2:50 AM)SaintBlader Wrote: [ -> ]I went to a Lowe's and a Walmart today. At Lowe's, there were about five Jade Juptiters, three VariAres, and two Blitz Unicornos. They were all those fake-looking ones, but they are real. There was also a Beywheelz 2-pack and tons of IR controlled LDrago's, but no new stuff.

At Walmart, there were at least twenty of the Beywarriors Octagon Showdown sets, tons of beys and synchrome packs, and even more Beywarriors. I'm not sure why there were so many. Bey warriors, but if they keep the Beyblade towline alive, I'm fine with it haha

This topic is less about what your store has in stock right now : we will really appreciate it if you put that information on the BeyMap's Stores layer. It is really possible that as of today, December 27th, most stores have restocked because Christmas is over and their stock arrival day of the week has come already. This thread is more about seeing whether kids received a lot of Beyblade products for Christmas, so you would need to have gone to a local toy store before Christmas at least to be able to post here.
Well, Today I went to my local TRU just to try to find wave 3 shogun steels, But I saw literally NOTHING left, except beywarrios and a couple ninja salamanders, I went to the same TRU early December and found 4-8 ish of each Shogun steel beyblade, they also usually have the spark fx double packs and majority of the hyperblades as well as some single pack spark fx, but no metal fury ones. There's lots of people who like/ play beyblade in that area, but most just don't know about the WBO unfortunately. Anyways they should have restock in the next 1-2 weeks.
i find it odd that a place like lowes would have beyblades ...or toys in general

seems like no matter how low the stock of beys get on the shelves at my local walmart, theres always a bunch of beywarriors. youd think the younger kids would be eating that poo up

my three step kids got at least 20 beys total for christmas and i know of one person if not a second that has gotten them all beyblade stuff that they havent yet received
Well I checked my local target as well as walgreens right after Christmas and they seemed to be wiped out for the most part. I then checked my local target today and they just restocked. Im not sure about any other stores. There were no stadiums whatsoever though.
I went to a few places. Here's what I was able to find:

Target: Very little Shogun Steel and surprisingly, No Spark FX. I was able to find the following:
- Samurai Ifrit W145CF
- Shinobi Salamander SW145SD
- Archer Griffin C145S
- Bandit Golem DF145BS
- Archer Gargoyle SA165WSF
- like one or two Double Packs
- Lots of Beywarriors
- both Shogun Steel and Beywarrior battles sets
- And a few Firefuse Darkhelm stadiums.

Toys R Us: Lots of Spark FX, A few Hyperblades, And barely any Shogun Steel. I found the following:
- Kreis Cygnus 145WD (Hyperblade)
- Flash Sagitarrio 230WD (Hyperblade)
- Diablo Nemisis XGrin (Hyperblade)
- Cosmic Pegasis FGrin (Hyperblade)
- Lots of Spark FX. Not going to name them, Nuff said =3
- A few Shogun Steel double packs, Mainly Earth synchromes
- Samurai Ifrit W145CF
- Shinobi Salamander SW145SD
- Bandit Golem DF145BS
- Archer Griffin C145S
- both Shogun Steel and Beywarrior battle sets
- And a few Firefuse Darkhelm stadiums.

Walmart: Lots of Shogun Steel, No Hyperblades or Spark FX, And lots of Beywarriors! I found the following:
- Ronin Dragoon LW160BSF
- Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF
- Samurai Ifrit W145CF
- Shinobi Salamander SW145SD
- Archer Griffin C145S
- Lots of Beywarriors, Not going to name them.
- Lots of stadiums and battle sets
- And the Beywarriors Beylocker. (But Archer Griffin was stolen xd)
Awesome, be sure to add that to the BeyMap if you haven't already!
99% sure all the stores near me are empty, as they should be given Hasbro stopped sending beys to Australia after Metal Masters/Beywheelz (in fact I'm surprised (and very jealous) to hear India got Metal Fury, seeing as we didn't). There were a couple of Beywheelz in the discount box out the front at a Toyworld (or is it TRU, I forget) I visited out in the countryside (Margaret River for anyone interested) just before Christmas, which tends to be the last place to have stock of anything (at least of places that actually get major lines in the first place). This isn't the most helpful thing to say I know, but yeah, just a reminder to consider yourselves lucky (and keep buying them tops, lest your countries go the way we did!)

The fact that Beyblade is still selling out of stores in the US is very encouraging, though. Hopefully it stays that way til I have money again and I can get someone to send me over some shogun steel stuff haha (if only for minmaxing with the slightly lighter facebolts and presumably slightly heavier tips and maaaybe some of the really nice painted wheels if I get a job soon enough Tongue_out)
My Target had only Beyraiderz and two Shogun Steel battle sets.

Toys R Us had lots of Spark FX, Lynx, Ice Titan, and Quetzalcoatl predominantly. It also had wave 1 of Shogun Steel, beywheelz, beyraiderz, and the Shogun Steel as beyraiderz battle sets.
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