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Full Version: Where do you take your beys?
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I've been wondering this for a while now. Personally, I usually keep a smaller combo in my jacket or backpack with me at all times, just in case. Does anyone else keep a bey on them? And does the size of your bey effect which you take with you?
Sometimes I take one or two of my beys with me to school!Smile pretty much just keep them in my backpack all day!XD
I usually take them with me to my mom's dance class mostly cause my friends mom is the Teacher...
We already have a very similar Thread to this
could you possibly put a link to the thread so everyone knows?
im not good with computers sorry i cant
(Sep. 26, 2013  8:27 PM)DRAGON KING Wrote: [ -> ]im not good with computers sorry i cant

Well then don't speak if you can't prove that your right!
Sorry to sound rude
(Sep. 26, 2013  4:33 AM)ryukiba Wrote: [ -> ]Sometimes I take one or two of my beys with me to school!Smile pretty much just keep them in my backpack all day!XD

lol same#beyblading at school is the best
I used to bring mine to school everyday. Mainly LDD though, just in case I get in trouble Cool
I take my Rvizer Killerken E230_ and Duo W145WD everywhere.
I sometimes get worried about taking my top tier parts with me cause I'm afraid I'll lose them... (I already lost 125)
For me its literally everywhere like when I went to Jamaica for vacation I brought my bb 10 and beys, at school I bring em, they just bring joy to me and I teach kids how 2 play im like there teacher
i try to keep them home, but sometime i bring tornado ldrago
There is no such place where a tornado l-dragon is acceptable to own.
(Sep. 27, 2013  8:19 PM)Stewart11 Wrote: [ -> ]There is no such place where a tornado l-dragon is acceptable to own.

Hahah, I really like you.

I only bring my Beyblades to Valentin's house, and even that could be categorised as 'on rare occasions'. Sometimes I bring some Beyblades like Slash Riger MS to my father's house to show him some cool gimmicks, since he is in physics.
, lol.

I don't take my beyblades anywhere. They stay at home and I rarely get them out, haha. I used to being them back and forth from my mom and dads houses but I don't anymore.
I take mine to Kaboom!!!'s house and Flash Master's house XD
lol Kai-V and XD basically I take everything inclluding my stadium with my mom to her african dance class because my best friends mom is the leader so I get to play with him there Smile and sometimes he brings his beys Smile oh and btw he's Snakeflame on here XD although I rarely take them anywhere else except maybe with me when I go on vacation...
I don't take them with me to MMA tournaments in cocoa beach, but I will from now on. #Feeling the withdrawal
i find myself taking 1 or 2 with me occasionally, but its really just for comfort i think, and like you said lol "just in case", but even if its what i love and stuff, its kinda weird to see a near 20 year old with a beyblade lol i'd like to get the whole launcher/bey holder get-up before i pull off a real bey-look.
I sort of agree. I might never ever encounter someone who wants to battle, but it's comforting having my favourite bey with me wherever I am. Smile
I usually take one of several beyblades to school and elsewhere with me every day. I've been spinning them by hand for so long that I've actually gotten quite good at doing it haha.

Usually when I feel like it I take out the bey and start spinning it. The only ones I don't bring are my mint 4Ds and my HMS (though occasionally I will bring them). I rarely bring my 4Ds to school, so it's mainly my HWS and other MFB.

Most of my friends know what Beyblades are thanks to my tendency to carry them around with me wherever I go actually.