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Full Version: [Trading and Selling ] Some Metal Masters/Fusion beyblades for any 4d or zero g beys
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just what the title says im trading the following beyblades for any 4d or zero g beyblade:
Basalt Horrogium $6.00
Hell KerbecsBD145DS
Flame Byxis 230WD
Rock Leone 145WB $6.00
Ray Unicorno/StrikeD145CS
Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F $6.00
Thermal LacertaWA105HF $6.00
Lightning L Drago100HF $6.00
Gravity Perseus AD145WD $8.00
Grand CetusWD145RS $6.00
Torch Aries145D $4.00
Vulcan Horoseus145D $6.00
Hyper OrsoSW145JB $6.00
and heres the new link:
also if you have a 3 segment launcher or a bb-10 for sale pm me
and here is the single parts i want with any trade
and any zero g part
also the beys without a price i am only trading them
You really should specify ALL the parts of those beys, and also do parts trades. Almost no one will trade an entire 4D or Zero-G bey for anything else MFB. Put [ img ] (LINK) [ /img ] for your picture, minus spaces. You also might want to put it in a spoiler, which is [ spoiler ] (LOL TEXT) [ /spoiler ], minus spaces again. Finally, that's a reeeeaaaallly blurry picture. Otherwise, happy trading!
Though I want a Vulcan Horuseus,I will never Trade my Guardian Reviser.It's to valuable.It's kinda useless trying to sell beys you can get in WAl-mart for beys you can't even get in America
ok i updated it and thanks for the help cake
Updated again now trading Basalt Horrogium
Updated for the last time now selling beys
Just saying, but those are WAY overpriced.
ok ill put them lower
updated prices are now lower
(Jul. 31, 2012  6:11 AM)DrPepsidew Wrote: [ -> ]Just saying, but those are WAY overpriced.

wat about now are they still high
Where are the pictures? They are not in this post?

EDIT: never mind i have found the picture link but the pictures are way to blurry take pictures of all the beyblades AGAIN PLEASE!!! Smile
i want 1 a sagittario if you don`t ill be Unhappy and D: Crying
yeah i wish i had sagittario bt i dont
updated picture is now clearer
(Aug. 01, 2012  5:35 AM)SagemodeDC Wrote: [ -> ]updated picture is now clearer

This picture is still blury. what camera are you useing try not to use phone cameras. and just take a picture of each beyblade ( if that helps for you can see them better and please so the track and tip. ) When the picture is clearer i might come back and buy some of them. for a fair price Smile
im using my 3ds camera lol and i might just pm the pictures to you
lol oops wrong image now its updated
You cannot "bump" a topic unless more than forty-eight hours have passed since the last post in it ...
Those are fairly priced Smile
ok kai-v and thanks dr pepsidew
i have a shinobi saramanda no metal stone face what is ur offer?
what beys do u already hav of mine
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