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Full Version: [Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA] 5/26/2012 Grand BeyDay, Battle of the Millenium
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Grand BeyDay
Battle of the Millenium!

Will have 15 lbs of Pulled Chicken in crock pots to feed everybody and I bought 2 cases of water. If you would like to bring a bag of chips or something that would be very appreciated. Hope we have a great time.

Now at Millenium Park!
With a new forecast of 60% chance of Thunderstorms, combined with construction around the picnic shelter at John Ball Park closing the parking lot near it... I decided to move it to Millenium Park. The Shelters are currently all open, so this is my new plan. I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

Please Read and be familiar with WBO Standard Rules
Zero-G beyblades are now legal!

Millenium Park Picnic Shelter A (just up the road from John Ball Park) Map to Millenium Park There is no exit for Butternut Dr so either take the Fulton exit and drive around John Ball Park to Butternut to Millenium or take The Wilson exit and just when you cross the river take a right in front of Johnson Park and follow Veterans Memorial Drive around to Maynard.
Grand Rapids, MI

Saturday May 26 2012
Registration and new bladers beyblade inspection from
@ 11:00am-12:15pm
Bladers rules review meeting and registration cutoff @12:30
Tournament starts somewhere between 12:45-1:00pm

13-24 would be block Round Robin (this is what I'm hoping for, 24 bladers = 4 blocks of 6, so there is no 0-2s and you're done like in Double Elimination), if we do get (which we might) 25 - 40 bladers, it'll be Double Elimination. All the previous is for the main event. Block Round Robin, we will take the winner of each block. and Double Elimination will take care of itself. Seedings will go by Beypoints the member has.

As long as it's not wet on the ground I want to do it on blankets on the grass. If it is wet at all there will be picnic tables we'll cover with blankets and foam pads I have. The Picnic tables are above grass so no concrete to worry about.

Standard WBO fees $5 for entry, $10 for passport.
If you're getting a blader passport please get it before the tournament if possible.

Prizes: 1st Place = Zero-G Start Dash Set (stadium + Red Samurai Ifriad) and Zero-G grip
2nd and 3rd choice of selection of Takara Tomy products:
Winged Pegasis
Guardian L-Drago
Diablo Nemesis
Big Bang Pegasis
Flash Sagittario
Samurai Ifraid
Vulcan Horuseus

Confirmed So far:

Beypoints / Member

1: 1,156 PANAsher
2: 1,049 B-aWINnah!
3: 1,044 Sagittario-Fire
4: 1,044 Yuko Ray14
5: 1,025 LegendBladers (AJ)
6: 1,019 Fang Wolf
7: 1,011 AMARvelous
8: 1,008 Klaus
9: 1,002 DaWRETCHED-one
10: 997 StormPegasus645
11: 984 BlitzKriegDrago
12: 969 LBladerKalen
13: 968 LBladerNoah
14: 965 CYRUckus

15: Diablo Nemisis
16: Mike 8
17: BattleMasterT
18: leoneblader123
19: liluno124
20: miami11
21: Kevinle2MBM
22: libraten
23: Dragoon HFG
24: Zoro786
25: Bey man 14
26: Dude_3145
27: Mister Axolotl
28: BasaltSpam
29: ThunderEagle7
30: Jimmyly2008
31: Ernesto Ramos

Possible Attendees:
BeyPoints / Member:
Master Anthony

If you're thinking of coming please comment so I can put you down as confirmed or a possible attendee. This will help a lot with setup, along with letting us know the state of Beyblading in Michigan. Also if we reach 40 bladers, you may be left out if you don't sign up. Thank you!

I have 3 friends from school who want to come!
Me and three other bladers will be attending this tournament.
Great to hear Legendbladers, are your friends signed up on here so I can list their names?
I'm so there i'll be sure to bring my strongest custom bey.
Awesome, glad you can make the trip out here Blitzkrieg!
wait! robin 1 just told me if he goes his dad will take me so mark me down again yesssss!
I am a part of legendbladers and I'm coming
coming with aj and noah in legendbladers
Last person joining from the legendbladers. Smile
Thanks guys for signing up! It's going to be a great time.
And hope robin1 and Yuko Ray14 can make it!
If any of your parents who are taking you want to compete they can as well, There are no age limits in WBO tournaments
HAHA! This is going to be F, to the U, to the N, FUN!
Have fun, guys!!!!I am posting here becuase i love michagin and grew up there....Smile
U guys check out the legend bladerz at
Introduces us and shows a lot of our battles.
Ordering the prizes later this week. You bladers will be geeked at what I have in store for this bey day tourney!
Yesssss! We can't wait to come!
Is the legendbladers a group account??
Can't wait to meet the Legend Bladers and everybody at DaWRETCHED's tournament. will be a great day to see what everybody has got for this tournament. Then a month to practice and improve our Skiiiiiiillllllzzzzzzz
sign me up
Really? you talked your parents into it? alright sweet
Now we need to know who is throwing another Tourney for June! hehe

Will it be StormPegasus645? RandomGuy? who??? LOL
Random Guy still has yet to post anything whether he is coming to Grand Rapids or not!
Taking the summer off might not be so bad if you ask me... Wyatt and I start baseball pretty soon, its actually a very late baseball season where he plays (and i coach) so scheduling might be harder than normal
Come to think of it..... I start school again! LOL

So yeah that would might be a problem. But yeah maybe someone from your area might throw one, you'll for sure be able to go though. HAHA!!!
count me in
Welcome Diablo Nemisis glad you can join us!
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