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Full Version: A guide on making a moderators job simpler: Reporting Posts.
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A guide on reporting posts on knowing when necessary.
Here’s a guide on reporting posts and knowing went to. TO make a jobs life easier, the report button was made so normal members, can report posts that violate WBO community rules, which can be found here: .
How to report a post.
To report, simply click on the report button, which can be found here [Image: 83378066.png], and state the reason why you have reported the post.
Make sure you’re reporting a recent post.
Make sure to check the date of the post you’re reporting, it might be that you are reporting a post from several months ago. If you weren’t there at the time of the post, don’t report it.
Know what you’re reporting.
If you aren’t sure whether the post you’re reporting is worth reporting, leave it for a mod, or another member to make the decision. If the post you’re reporting already has a message beneath it, don’t reported. The post your viewing has already been reported and a moderator has warned the member.
Report Once.
Make sure that you only report once. The button alerts a moderator about the post, by reporting multiple times, the same post gets several alerts, which makes a moderators job harder.
Poseidon is so vigilant, earlier today he reported his own post.

That my friends is dedication to standards! Smile
I wondered where the report button was, and all this time it was right in front of me! Great guide Poseidon!

But seriously, you reported your own post?! What...a...legend!
There was an epic bit of worthless spam going on and he hit the button on the wrong post is all. Easy to do when your post is surrounded by Spam! Smile

Hitting the report button is much preferred to having some kind of flame war going on, and when used judiciously it is a huge help to keeping the conversations flowing nicely without too much disruption.

So if you report a post, does it tell the mods who reported the post?
Yes it does, but they don't tell anyone else.
Yes, otherwise Arupaeo wouldn't have known I accidentally reported m own post.
Sorry to lift this thread from the dead, but I think there are many people who have never read this and need to.
There have been lots of bad threads that have been closed as soon as a mod gets on recently. But before that happens people keep commenting on them leaving them to the top of the new posts list instead of just reporting and ignoring. That is what you should be doing, comments are not needed just report and move on.
Can the people who don't do this, please use it when they moderate a thread ...
Reviving this, because it is defintely needed. Not knowing this thread even existed, I went and wrote my own draft of pretty much the same thing.

Lately, it seems members have taken it upon themselves to say if something does not belong in a certain forum or that a certain post is SPAM. Posts like these are not only unnecessary, but are also considered "mini-modding".

A mini-mod in depth is a user that feels they have the authority to take it upon themselves to stop a hostile argument, lay down the "law" with users, and many other things without using the feature that was designed to rid of SPAM and posts that do not belong, the report button.

This feature is there for a reason. Moderators receive a notice when a post has been reported with the reason behind why it was reported. Moderators then do their job and go to the post to figure out whatever may be wrong with the post or whatever problem there may be. Notice that throughout all of those previous sentences I said 'Moderators' and not 'you'.

Just remember to use the report feature and let the moderators performs their jobs. Mini-modding could result in a warning just as easily as a SPAM post.

I report posts that are seen to violate the WBO's Code of Conduct.

I also have a habit of replying. (I know but)
I would like to bump this, since I myself learned a thing or two about reporting (I once reported my post, does that make me a legend to?)
(Nov. 18, 2020  3:31 PM)6Jupiter5 Wrote: [ -> ]I would like to bump this, since I myself learned a thing or two about reporting (I once reported my post, does that make me a legend to?)

1. Half of these guys are retired...
2. yep

gives me ideas