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Full Version: Christmas: What are you doing? What do you want?
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I got the alienware today and its soooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
I got:
-Phantom Orion B:D
-Jade Jupiter S130RB
-Gravity Destroyer AD145WD
-Twisted Tempo 145WD
-Beyblade: Metal Masters game w/ Nightmare Rex SW145SD
-That blue Aladdin Corp Stadium...
-A new computer and monitor
-Clothes upon clothes upon clothes
-Kirby's Epic Yarn
-Wii Remote Plus (black)
-New phone cover
-Water bottles for Scouts
-Mechanical pencils
-$50 Wal-Mart gift card from my OTHER grandparents

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
Ok So what i got is
Alienware m14x
Gold Quetz
Air Swimmers Shark
Micro Hovercraft
Portal 2
Madden nfl 12

Now waiting for my other relatives and dad!
So i got:
Iphone 4S
Attack Stadium c: (now i dont have to borrow one to do testing)
Costco Max Stampede Set ( another Gravity Wheel and a new launcher grip Grin)

Merry Christmas everybody!
I got:
-ten pack of ballpens(dont ask)
-a s-shock watch
-Tons of shirts

And some candies Smile
(Dec. 25, 2011  4:27 PM)ShadowL-Drago Wrote: [ -> ]So i got:
Iphone 4S
Attack Stadium c: (now i dont have to borrow one to do testing)
Costco Max Stampede Set ( another Gravity Wheel and a new launcher grip Grin)

Merry Christmas everybody!

Wow! Its been an expensive Christmas for you!!! Grin
Good purchases, dude!
As for me, I just went to watch a movie... Nothing else. Unhappy
Lol I got

iTunes card
Astros card (for RumbleFighter)
DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi
Uncharted 3

Merry Christmas everyone! Man Duo vs Wing was interesting. . . .

I got..

Some Lego Technic
Dragoon MS, Wyvern DJ, Driger MS, Gaia Dragoon MS and a Drnazer Grip from a lot my mum bought me (it was 50 GBP)
Panasonic HDC SD41
Gorilla Pod
Guitar Hero Drum Kit (Finally)
GH WoR, GH World Tour, Rock Band (the first one) and rock band 2 extra song pack thing
New Drumsticks
90 GBP from relatives Grin nice day so far and it's only 4.00 O' Clock here!
I actually got a lot of stuff frmo my list, which I'm really surprised about seeing how my mom and dad hate buying from Ebay...

I got..
- 4.5 Generation IPod Touch (with texting)
- 3 Random Booster 8s (Just opened them a few minutes ago, pulls: Jade Jupiter S130RB Grin, Divine Fox 90W²D, and Hell Crown 130FB xP )
-Death Quetz
-Phantom Orion
-Strongest Blader Set
-Dragonoid Destroyer
-Mechtavius Destroyer
-Beats by Dr. Dre
-Android Tablet (from my grandma Grin)
-Ultimate DX Set
-BB-10 Attack Stadium
-MW3 and Battlefield 3
-Halo: Combat Evolved
-DBZ Raging Blast 2

Epic Christmas this year, can't wait for the next DJ - Yeah!
Things did a little differently this year.

Last night, instead of spending it with the other family, my mom, sister and I went to NYC for dinner and a Jazz show by Wes Anderson. Because my school gave me a new appreciation to Jazz music, I enjoyed it very much, especially the bass player (Hatsushi Morimoto or something), the trumpet, and the trombone (Wes Anderson IV, the main guy's son).

Today, because it was just us three, our breakfast was smaller, but just as lively. Then it was the gifts. I got a new set of noise-canceling Sony headphones for recording, a pair of penguin-style fingerless gloves, a new laptop bag for school, and a 32" Panasonic Viera LCD TV. I never got to go Christmas shopping, but I'm still getting mom the latest Lady Gaga CD and my sister a Glee CD or two.
(Dec. 25, 2011  4:17 PM)Fury Wrote: [ -> ]Ok So what i got is
Alienware m14x
Gold Quetz
Air Swimmers Shark
Micro Hovercraft
Portal 2
Madden nfl 12

Now waiting for my other relatives and dad!
What console did you get Skyrim for? I'm still waiting to open my presents Pinching_eyes_2
I mostly celebrate New Years, but I still get presents for Xmas:
A mug with Atatürk ( Turkey's first president) on it
Pokemon Rumble Blast

But, I might get more (most likely not though)
Well then for Christmas I acquired:
Some earmuffs/headphones
a camcorder
a book (Department 19 to be specific)
70 pounds (Enough for me to buy Battlefield 3, and I'll still have 45 pounds remaining)
Assassin's Creed Revelations (When my sister decides to order it)
Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Oh and some fake tattoo sleeves

Pretty good haul in my opinion!
Right just unboxed everything and I got:

Ray Unicorno
Beat Lynx
Storm Aquario (SonoKong)
Chococat plushie
$300 (Kisai RPM watch here I come!)
$20 Gamestop Gift Card

So disappointing!
I got a new wii set to replace my very beat up and broken one. I planned on playing SSBM and SSBB.
They actually released a set which is no longer compatible with Nintendo GameCube anything. I don't even understand why Nintendo would do that: To! TELL ME!!!!

Yeah so I was really unhappy about that!
I liked my gifts.
-iPod Touch (In white Cool )
-$15 iTunes Gift Card
-$25 eBay Gift Card
-K'Nex roller coaster (Super Cyclone Coaster)
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
-Battlefield 3
-Metal Masters version of the Metal Wing Smash Face-Off Pack (Earth Eagle and Dark Libra)
-Rock Zurafa
-and Twisted Tempo
-Oh, and some clothes Tongue_out
When I got the iPod, I was like Wut!?
Then I got over it, and was like DJ 2002 - Yeah!
I received:
Galaxy Pegasis DX Set
3x NIB Death Gargoyle MS(Starter)
1x Blue DEMS AR + Circle Wide + Wolborg MS tip(courtesy of roux, though it hasn't arrived just yet!)
$250 from most of my family combined, which I used on a 3DS and OoT+PRB
$30 for Wal-Mart on a Gift Card
$50 in cash
Some other things that haven't arrived yet that I am unaware of the specifics!

Pretty great haul, imo.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

I got:
Variares DGrin
Storm Pegasus 105RF (T.T)
BB-10 Attack Stadium
Angry Bird Plush (blue)
Baby Luigi DS stylus
NERF guns+vest+glasses
Angry Bird Key chain
5 packs of the old Beyblade Cards
Harry Potter T-Shirt (with Bellatrix, which is why me not gonna wear it)
Some Halo action figure??? (I don't even play Halo)
A Website
GIMP book (awesome)
XBOX 360
(I'll edit when as I get more presents)
Well I just made a list of everything I got, but then I accidentally deleted it all somehow and can't recover it >>
So I'll tl;dr it-
Laptop (oh God it's hard transferring files and adjusting to this keyboard jebus)
3DS (OoT Ver.)
Lots of other stuff too. But I'm feeling lazy and I want to play with stuff, so yeah, I don't wanna make a big list ^^
btw wtf Dan
I got:
PJ bottoms (SUPPER soft)
Some nice sweat pants
A HUGE Smokey Quartz
$80 cash
$50 GameStop gift card
A little reindeer stand up plush thing
An iPod dock
Gravity Perseus
A Tornado Battler thing (gonna take it back for a actual Beyblade)

Pretty good Christmas [:
I am ridiculously lucky. My gifts:

"Learning PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript"
"Programming Python" (I don't know any, so it probably should have been "Learning")
"Learning Web Design"
Bakuman 5 and 6
A Foosball table for me and my brother
and something I was not expecting at all:
MacBook Pro (with accompanying Norton Anti-Virus)

I had no idea about the Mac. I'm using it right now, and it works like a dream. The thing has so many little gizmos, I don't know what to do. The only thing that gets me is the backspace/delete button, which is farther right than I'm used to, but that's a small thing. My family is amazing, getting me so many things that I'm interested in.
I got :
iTunes $25 Gift Card
And my friend said he still needs to give his gift after he comes back from Canada.
i liek random stuff :3
Kindle Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

Gears of War 3

Xbox Live Gold membership renewed

Gravity Demolition (Gravity Destroyer AD145WD and Inferno Byxis CH120RS) 2-pack

Team Gan Gan Galaxy Gift Set (Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F, Ray Striker D125CS, Earth Eagle 145WD, Flame Libra T125ES, and two Launcher Grips)

Rev Up Launcher replacement

Angry Birds - Pig plushie

Angry Birds T-Shirt

South Park pajamas

Cars 2 on DVD
gifts were awesome!

Godzilla double feature
The wall movie ya know pink floyd
3 pairs of pajamas
a 3DS
yugioh boosters <3
the legendary 10th anniversary binder <3 also
Deck box
card sleeves
A fancy box for my beys
2 random booster vol 7
Meteo L-Drago Assault version
A new blanket

And thats it LOVED this year LOVE it
i got

BB-32 HWS set
BB-23 ldrago
BB-?? 3 seg launcher grip
A-126 DRAGOON MS Supaburn
ABIII (Alter Bridge's 3rd ablum)
Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment
dog toy tennis balls (no i dont have a dog, they r for me (lol random gift from "hilarious" parents) i juggle so...)
Pajamas featuring Call of Duty and Stewie from Family guy (Stewie ftw)
Candy (cause all fat guys need candy Tongue_out jk)

and about $160 (so far) but i can only spend half, my parents r forceing me to put the other half in the bank for savings, the rest of it i can spend it on whatever the heck i want and they cant litterally mean "NO" (finally, Partial freedom) i love my relitives Grin

Merry Christmas to everyone (and Happy Holidays to the rest of the members who may not celebrate christmas)
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