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Full Version: Blood's Free Signature, Avatar, And More!(CLOSED!)
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(Nov. 19, 2011  11:25 PM)Vulcan Blaze Wrote: [ -> ]
(Nov. 19, 2011  10:03 PM)Tmoney6911 Wrote: [ -> ]Can u plz make me a signature i want a black and purple background with a picture of gravity perseus with its name in red on the right of it and my user name in red at the bottom
avatar to plz if u dont mind
I think he wants you to use the format.
oh ok thnx

details- black and purple background
text- Gravity Perseus in res and username
Pics- Gravity Perseus
My laptop is being stupid, like normal, and it won't let me copy the sig's url Pinching_eyes
Ok, i am doing all request today. I think i uploaded Giga-impact's avatar, so i'll just check

As for now, i am currently full of request. Pls, DO NOT REQUEST YET!!!!!
Pink, try copying this:
Thanks, can't wait to see it. ^^
Here you go, Giga!
[Image: Giga.png]
Wow. Thanks a lot, it looks great.
Format: Signature
Text: Maeyer
Pic: Diablo Nemesis at the left and Duo Uranus on the right.
Details: The text should be at the Top of the two beys.
Background: a small face of Diablo Nemesis at the bottom of it
And also a small face of Duo Uranus at the bottom of it
background color: Red and with purple
oh yeah DeX
please make me an animated avatar please.
Animation: Diablo Nemesis Attacking Poison Serpent,Big Bang Pegasis,VariAres,Phantom Orion
Dark Bull,Flame Byxis one by one.until finally attacks Duo Uranus. with a big clash It performs
A giant thunder in the skies. the thunder slowly shapes itself into the text: Maeyer
there is currently no good pic of diablo nemesis... pls refrain your request

DeX, change it into Beat Lynx
Also there are some addings at the avatar: After the thunder Duo Uranus is completely Damaged and Johannes Grabs Beat Lynx and he holds it in front and the Cat appears Running and it ends
Vulcan Blaze:
[Image: Untitled-1-7.gif]

[Image: near.png]

hope you guys like it!

EDIT:Maeyer, I exactly have no idea how to do the avatar. I AM NOT THAT PROFESSIONAL TO DO THAT
gosh, I LOVE IT...thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u!! its so awsoomeee Smile Smile
Hey Dex, how's it goin with the avatar?
Thanks alot! I finally got it! Grin Thanks, and you can expect to see me here again! Grin
I'll change it
Cancel the sig. I only want the avatar.
It'll be Hell Crown's pic with spinning animations pls
The text of my username on the top left and Hell Crown text at
The bottom Left
I think that will be simplier... But i wont do it yet caus i'm using my iphone.

well, up to now, im polishing the effects. You want medusa to pop out of perseus' user, right?
DeX, your sigs are great. And not rushing you here, when is my sig. Take your time.
Pheonix, I CANT FIND PROPER PICS!!!! All i see is fan art, and it is not allowed here
(Nov. 21, 2011  2:09 PM)DeX Wrote: [ -> ]Pheonix, I CANT FIND PROPER PICS!!!! All i see is fan art, and it is not allowed here

Fine, I'll cancell sry for your time
@ Dex Yes please, and can you PM me when youre done? Thanks in advance.
Can I have a avatar and signature with Kyoya in his aura calling Leone thanks in advance.(It can be moving if possible) With a green lightning backround and it says PhantomKid on left top corner if you need any pics go to beyblade wikia
(Nov. 21, 2011  11:50 PM)PhantomKid Wrote: [ -> ]Can I have a avatar and signature with Kyoya in his aura calling Leone thanks in advance.(It can be moving if possible)
You must use the proper request form, in the OP.

format: avatar
details: have divine crown and hell kerbecs in a fiery background
text: Welcome to hell
DeX a signature if you dont mind
I want one like NearLawliet1228's but instead of Wing Pegasus I want Hell Crown with a Jade Flame background with a little Orange
Text:"If you don't own one, you'll never understand."
Sorry if I order too much
Hi, how about my Avatar DeX?
ok, just wait.
almost done...
Kid Proper format, pls
: THX you're the best
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