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Full Version: Blood's Free Signature, Avatar, And More!(CLOSED!)
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Welcome to My GFX shop! This is my, err, 3rd shop. You know what happened to my first one... and my second one... (I feel the shame I went through yet again Crying)

Here are My Simple rules!:
1. PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMAT. I wan't things orginized.
2.I will ONLY TAKE 2 request At a time. The handy "Pending" space will help me who are waiting.
| point:1 day Banned
|| point: 1 week Banned
||| point:1 month Banned
4.IF someone requests at my shop AND on others, you will NEVER get your request done AND you will have a || points penalty.
5.I am Only open when I am Online, OR during weekends

Here Is the Format:
Format: (Signature, Avatar, or usebar)
Details: (What you want)
Text: (what words you want in it)

Now, Here are some Examples!:


and that's all! Have fun with the sigs you get and Credit me!
LOL, normally lot's of People requests in my shop... Hmm, not the right time of the year...

I'm still open though.
Ah,good luck for you!I like the BG of the BBP signature you made,how you did it?Smudge?
Yeah. Its actually easy to do:

1.multiplied the render a lot of times
2. Smudge like mad
What about the outlines?BTW,if you are willing,wanna combine our shop?
In big bang? Outer glow.

Not now. When i'm super busy, then i'll combine
can i get a signature like your 3rd example but except for the girl i want Nile and Vulcan Horuseus
Sure. Let me try (I don't know If I can try the effect Again...)
Hey dude.You can read?If so,can't you follow the format?DeX:-He didn't follow the format.
I Know. But His my first costumer... so yeah.

You MUST follow the format.
Here you go, Giga-Pegasus!:
[Image: Gigasig.png]
copy this link!
Wow, it really is great to see how successful you've been here. I mean, I remember when you first signed up and everyone after you became a bit known, knew you as bigbangpegasis9! I even remember the first sig I ever got was from you. Great times. I'm not here for a request, but just really to comment on how far you've come. From where you where to where you are now is simply astounding. Everyone know this - if you request a sig from this man, and he creates it, you won't just have a photo, or something done quick - you'll have a great piece of elegant art. Wink
Just felt like saying this Tongue_out
Lolz. thanks dude! Yeah, I still remember the time I was BBP9... good times...
Got Photoshop... which means I can do a lot of stuff!(yes, even Animations!)
(I'm Pretty much bumping this thread... no?)
Format: Signature
Details: Similar to the Death Quetz banner, but instead of an orangeish tinge to everything, make it silvery-blue
Text: VariAres:King of attack
Pics: Here
Hmm I want to see a Phoenix with a flaming background saying risen from fire please. I want to see the signature.
@ ~x~ i will try.

@ pheonix Follow the format, pls. And can you give me some pics?
Dude,when you are ready to combine,just tell me.
Yeah sure. When im out for something, i'll signal the whatzzer signal XD(Pm, actually)
I should make a signal for that.Haha,it was quite boring with my GFX shop,when I'm a noob,I get quite a lot request,then,when I've improved,I don't get a customer at all.I don't understand people.
That goes for me too. The last me (bbp9) gets tons of request before, now, the current me(DeX) gets few.

Lets see what happens if my name changes too Blood(yes, at November 30, i will change my name to Blood, and make a GFX battle as a ceremony, so make sure you guys wont take it)
Here you go, ~X~!:
[Image: Varisig.png]

Hope you like it!
Wow. That's even better then I expected!
I'll use it right away!
Thank you for requesting, Come again!(am I someone like in a cashier or something?!)

oh, giving away this sig:
[Image: Duo2.png]
oh, and I forgot to say this in the OP:
1.Please, DO NOT SEND ME REQUEST THRU PM's! Its harder for me too keep track who's first.
2. If you do not use my sig, You will get | point and get banned(read OP for more info about the point system)

Ok OK, your getting your sig done. I am too bored and want some GFXing. But pls, follow the format next time.
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