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Full Version: [Woodland park, NJ] 10/8/2011 Top of the Rock!
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Im hosting a beyblade tournament at Garret Mountain Park. Woodland Park, New Jersey . I checked and it said its gonna be a good day so why not spend it outside right?
TimeGaspctober 8 ,2011
Date: 12 PM
Location: Garret Mountain Park. Woodland Park, New Jersey
Fee:$5+WBO Fees
Format: Round Robin (Turns to block round robin at 16+ players)

Jersey Bladers, this is your chance to show that Jersey is the best. Jersey hasn't had a tournament in months We need to keep Jersey reputation up and bring the battle back to our land cause we kick butts and take names(titles ). Join me in the Battle at the Top of the rock!

Directions:I-80 to Exit 57A, south on NJ 19 to Valley Road exit. Turn right onto Valley Road, then next right. [Google Maps: "Garret Mountain Park, Paterson, NJ"]
Public Transportation: NJ Transit bus #192 and #702 [Valley Road & Fenner Ave][Image: jh8qaq.jpg]

Attendees:Zero X
Cyber Blader
Burn Leon
Striker X (possible)
Killer Spinner+Dad
Congrats on your first tournament, can't wait.
sweet i will be there but will people be selling beys there
You know im on mabye if it is at least an hour ican go
I live in New jersey so I guess I can go also put me and striker X as maybe
Looks like a cool tournament, I'll see if I can come!
List updated
This will be awesome I know
I'll try to get there, there is a high chance I will be able to attend.
i might be able to make it. its gonna be exciting though. my first actual tournament. whoosh!
okay im am excited for this tournament and also good luck to everybody just two more days till the tournament
Hey Snipe

What is the current list of confirmed?
Sniperâ„¢ is currently suspended for one month, because he did something minor recently but his warning level was quite high. Technically the tournament should still be fine, but he cannot post or edit the first post.
can he still send messages
(Oct. 06, 2011  8:15 PM)LK-Sm0ke Wrote: [ -> ]can he still send messages

Yes, suspended members can still use the private message system.
ok thanks
i cant come sry too busy

hope ride doesn't get me carsick Uncertain

Are 4D beyblades allowed?
(Oct. 08, 2011  3:06 AM)ScytheLDragoF:S Wrote: [ -> ]Are 4D beyblades allowed?

All official Beyblades from Metal Fight Beyblade/Beyblade: Metal (whatever) are allowed.
okay thanks because i did not know
I was hoping to get my 4D blades to arrive before this but look like I have to wait also I may come a little late is it possible to hold our matches
I still have a chance of going but theres also a chance i can't D:
Why is it $5 + WBO fees? Are you charging an additional fee on top of WBO's standard passport or one time?
my dad just canceled on me so i have no ride now im so POed
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