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Full Version: [Woodland park, NJ] 10/8/2011 Top of the Rock!
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sorry sniper. i cant go... but could you please notify me for any other up coming tournaments? i'd really appreciate it. i cant go because my car got a flat, my dad [ the driver] is gone for now and its to far away so i wont make it on time. well till' next time, see yah
I am just about to leave in 30 minutes so I may be there early
Sorry i cant make it but i may go to stage fright
Thanks guys for competing but next time it will be diffeent I will be back with better blades better gear a new blading style
It was a fun battle I can't wait until the next tournament.
How many people showed up? It seems like a lot canceled.
Besides Snipe, 7 so it was minimal, but another tourney. Matthew didn't do so well. Very discouraged on the ride homeUnhappy
good battles you guys were tough but I will hopefully be the victor next time
so whens the next battle. even though i couldnt go this time, im still prepared for next time
Fun battle can't wait for the next
What was the winning combos let me guess basalt 230 cs phantom orion bd andsome combo with scythe
Could everybody look at the results and try to place them in chronological order ? L Drago boy's matches should be in order, but everything else is a mess.

If people could at least tell me in which order their own battles happened, that would help.

Quote:Knicksndahouse -Zero X

Knicksndahouse - ScytheLDragoF:S
L Drago boy-ScytheLdragoF:S
L Drago boy-KillerSpinner
L Drago boy-Zero X
L Drago boy-Striker X
L Drago boy-Blackcat10
L Drago boy-Sniperâ„¢
L Drago boy-Knicksndahouse

Striker X-Zero X

ScytheLDragoF:S - Zero X
ScytheLDragoF:S -BlackCat10
ScytheLDragoF:S -Striker X
ScytheLDragoF:S -KillerSpinner
Sniperâ„¢ -ScytheLDragoF:S

KillerSpinner-Zero X
BlackCat10-Zero X
Sniperâ„¢-Zero X

Striker X-KillerSpinner
Blackcat10 - Striker X
Sniperâ„¢-Striker X
Knicksndahouse -Striker X




My battles went

Me vs knicksinthehouse
Me vs Ldragoboy
Me vs StrikerX
Me vs blackcat10
Me vs ZeroX
Me vs Killerspinner
Me vs Sniperâ„¢
OK, that helps. Anyone else ?
Sorry K-V. Matthew and I were a little tired and hungry and can't remember who we faced.
I think my battles went MY battles went with


I also payed a blader passport
Kai the only thing wrong is I lost to Knick, everything else is perfect on my part.
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