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(Aug. 28, 2011  9:44 AM)Chups Wrote: [ -> ]Tourney was good. FREAKIN' COLD THOUGH.

5 wins 2 Losses. I used MF-H Basalt Aquario TH170CS once; won, MF-M Scythe Kronos BD145EDS three times; Won twice and loss once and MF VariAres CH120LRF (Left); won once, lost once.

Really fun though. Had a great time. Sold a bit Uncertain tehfez's eds ._.

Congrats to swany10. Had a good time talking to you Smile Great young blader.

Why do you congrat me? Grin You were really good. You were the hardest to beat. I really want to battle you again! Meet me at the carlton tournie or flinder st tournie...
if all tour torunys are not a hour away ill make it my limit is 30 mins
I doubt you will be 30 minutes apart from each location, they're all quite a distance apart from each other.
Omega, when r u gonna give the venues? I probab cant make it to Glen waverly. Also Can you hold the carlton tournie sooner?
He will do it as the time comes? There is no point making a decision now for a December tourney.
ill be in the flinders street tourney for sure
When is the thread for Glen Waverly tournie coming out?? I want to be in it-maybe...
Omega's computer crashed. He may get blah to post on behalf of him but that's just a guess.
(Sep. 04, 2011  5:17 AM)Chups Wrote: [ -> ]Omega's computer crashed. He may get blah to post on behalf of him but that's just a guess.
how the hell do you know that??? o.O Right... I wonder what timwe it is... if its at 3 i can make it if not i cant... TENSION!!!
(Sep. 04, 2011  5:17 AM)Chups Wrote: [ -> ]Omega's computer crashed. He may get blah to post on behalf of him but that's just a guess.

His laptop crashed, he still has his computer though.
Yeah my ancient computer, haha. It's extremely slow and unreliable though, it's a pain to use. My laptop should be ready within the next couple of days, I'll then be able to make the thread and send the money/results for BEYQUAKE.
Aaaah Excellent. One Q omega: Can you PLEASE hold it on sunday?
lol, Saturday is actually more preferable for many of us. Plus holding it near lunch is good too.
For me it's easier later. Like 2.00 - 2.30 but it varies each time but yeah Saturday is so much easier.
I can come on saturday but it has to be at 3. If not at 3 i cant come- I have swimming until 2 and i co0me home at 2:30. So approx 3:10-3:30 start i could come
No offence, but I highly doubt that Omega would change the time/day of a tournament for one person.
i could be lucky Uncertain but yeah i doubt it too. I wonder what venue its at. Any ideas guys?
I have an idea! Lets stop SPAMming and keeping this old thread alive and wait for Omega to post it!

Good idea right?
The BEYQUAKE Video is up !
Thats the best video so far Smile Go melbourne best-metagame ever Smile Haha Can't believe darkmankill1 followed blah into the car XD Wraith and his bread Smile
Haha, nice video! And I agree with Chups this has got to be the best video yet Tongue_out Too bad Novae Rog missed parts of the finals xD
WOW its really good! Go Novae Rog and the others who filmed it! Do another one for beystorm 3
that was an awsome video!! Grin
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