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omega theres 8 maybes
make another block and make it 32 ppl (just an idea)
I might come watch and say hi
TDragonGX makes a good point. There will be four blocks of eight people now, so a 32 people tournament limit. The finals will be a round robin of the four finalists, but only the top three will get faces.
lol u should change the 24 people limit to 32.
The time has been changed to 2:10 PM, so please arrive between 1:30 PM and 2:05 PM, or earlier if you wish to have free battles with others.
can i be on the reserves list?
(Aug. 09, 2011  3:23 PM)Omega Wrote: [ -> ]The time has been changed to 2:10 PM, so please arrive between 1:30 PM and 2:05 PM, or earlier if you wish to have free battles with others.

why did u chang the time it was good when it was
A few people have problems with the time, including myself. Something just popped up that I must attend in the morning, so I wasn't sure whether I'd make it in time to the tournament.
well seeing the new time and knowing past tournaments, i think this will end at about 6 o'clock at this rate, looks like we might have to quicken up the battles this time. i hope there isn't too many stamina battles.
Or you could just actually do a Double Elimination even if you have just few enough to do Block Round Robin ... Double Elimination can easily be considered at twenty participants already.
pikabattler the tourney wont go for 3 hours and 50 minutes...... with 24 people we do about 1 hour and a half. Im not too sure about the double elimination. Personally I dont mind.
Each block should only take about an hour - and hour and a half. If we're starting less then hour later, why on earth would it run for 3 and a half hours longer then usual, Giraton ? We usually start at 1:30 PM and finish at 3:30 PM.
oh silly me, thats when i get home, not when the tourney ends. you see i tend to get home at 5 o'clock, so i just added an hour to that. sorry for the confusion. to get to the tournament takes an hour but i stay at the park for a while then take an extra hour and a half to get home.
So wait what if Omega doesnt show what happens to the tourney do you have to find another judge or is the tourney cancelled?
Lol, seriously think about it.
If Omega wasn't going to attend his own tourney, don't you think he'd at least have the decency to tell us beforehand ?
Ohhhhh true ture.... Great thinking Gasp
I pushed the time slightly forward so I can make it. If I couldn't make it at all, I would postpone the date, I wouldn't miss out on my own tournament Tired
If the amazing circumstance that Omega couldn't come at last minute and couldn't tell us. Which is extremely unlikely. blah would probably host and we would bring tehfez up as a Judge Smile
but tehfez is a judge aswell
tehfez is already judging haha. If you haven't noticed, there are four blocks now. Don't worry about me, I'll make it for sure.
-.- Well you know what I mean. Someone else would be brought up to judge Smile

I know you'll make it for sure just in the amazing circumstance you died or something =P
Omega what did you change in page 1
The time and attendance list. It's not hard to read it for yourself, lol.
Why does it always have to be on a Saturday, can't it be on a Sunday???

My Youtube channel:
It's on a sunday?
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