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Yes you can, Ross Adam has not replied in time so you can take the final spot. Smile
who beytex beating today uniqe or prodigis
team talk is not alowed on this topic. ill pm who we are battleing JINX.
Weather seems OK for today. Smile Not perfect but we should be able to get through.

I will bring some plastics if anyone wants to battle a bit afterwards?
now the weather is blue sky look better than winters prime on that fogy day and white sky yuck
(Aug. 27, 2011  2:38 PM)Omega Wrote: [ -> ]Yes you can, Ross Adam has not replied in time so you can take the final spot. Smile

BTW This is my first tournie- Are we allowed Takara Tomy and hasbro beys?
don't ever quote the entire OP, expecaly if it's that big. you can come but you wont battle at all when it starts.
Can I come I'm a player and I'm really good anyways I wanna try out my new bey

Damn sorry

how about if i have time befor the battles i have a fun battle with you hows that
When's the next tournament in melbourne[/u]
no body knows, there is no anouced plan for one. please stop spaming, i think this site is getting worse with new members not reading the rules.
you have to ask omgea that he is the one how makes the tournaments
Can I come I wanna play a some battles
you and me have a fun battle befor the tournament
I'll come ifthats ok anyways if I can't I'll go to the next
good luck everybody. wow a loy of people coming wish i could be there.
i cant wait unlit 2:00 Wink
i'm gona crush you today! BRYANCHOAS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, I don't know why some of you haven't been warned. STOP SPAMMING THE THREAD.

That means no "You're going down.", no "OMG I can't wait!!1!" and any other messages that don't add to the thread at all.
Im sorry but I cant make it Im really sorry
ill bring sum of my plastics if you want to battle, chups.
Okay, danieltoday has dropped out. We urgently need another member. Shadow4, you can come, or whoever else wants to come can do so.
this is great. I cant wait to battle! How are we gonna find out which block were in and do we get to watch the other blocks battle? AND what stadium are we using?
my god! how many poeple are geting in and how much are droping out!!!
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