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Full Version: Building a Plastic Top Tier List!
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Yeah, I know about triple wing, although Upper Dragoon is better and easier to obtain, it's still top tier.

Which Fin Tector combo?
Galaxy posted an attack type combo with Triple Wing and Fin Tecor in left spin.
Nice spot, totally missed that Gasp

Anyway, I guess I'll write up all my rough drafts into a single very rough draft tomorrow, once I've got some sleep.

I figure if we start with that, we at least have somewhere to work from. Smile
(Jul. 23, 2011  9:11 AM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]Galaxy posted an attack type combo with Triple Wing and Fin Tecor in left spin.

Haha! I'd Say Eight Spiker and i've said Triple Wing! I was fused xD
By the way,a reaaaaaaally great Upper combo is:

AR:Triple Tiger
WD:6 Heavy
SG+BB:Full Auto Clutch Base

Good point Frown! I fell in love with the Upper Dragoon in left some months ago! xD
Also, Fortress Base (Draciel F's base. I forgot
it's name) isn't top tier.
I think 10 Balance Bistool should be noted seeing as how it's the best balance combo ever.

Also, I noticed that you guys have other bases listed for upper attack. Storm Grip outshines the others solely because it's the lowest base ever made. That being said, every Hasbro Storm Grip I had sucked.
(Jul. 23, 2011  9:31 AM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]Also, Fortress Base (Draciel F's base. I forgot
it's name) isn't top tier.
I think 10 Balance Bistool should be noted seeing as how it's the best balance combo ever.
Name is right Smile
I've tried it with SG Bearing V2,it's not too bad!
Ahhhh! This thread makes me want to play plastics again.
Okay, I'll not add it when I do a proper summary.

As for 10bBistool: I actually want it retested, if people have the parts. It's main use was in the hasbro tourneys and such, from what I can tell. Nolands combo is apparently not very good any more, either. :\

That said, I can tentatively add it/them if need be.
I don't recall his combo. I think it had Bistool's AR and SG Metal Ball?
AR: Wing Cross
WD: Ten Balance
BB: Semi-Flat
Play them again, Cye. You won't go back to MFB, it'll be too depressing.

Oh, actually, his combo was a SG metal Ball Wing Cross Compact.

Wing Cross
10 Heavy
Metal Ball Base

As I've said, Metal Ball Base, even with 4 balls, falls 1g short of SG metal change and a HMC.

Also, I'm assuming all the old testing we're basing stuff on wasn't just against uncustomised Dranzer V2's, like this:
Yeah, that could be way better.
I think also we must open a category made of only uncustomized bey,for example:

Driger S
Dranzer V2
Driger V2
Voltaic Ape

That can be considered TOP Tier between the uncustomized
Maybe. Personally, I'd leave that for a separate article. We want to keep this pure. Don't let other things cloud us here Smile
Wait, are you sure he didn't use Metal Ball Base?
My bad, totally called it the wrong thing. Yeah, Metal Ball Base. Edited the post so it makes sense. I still want it re-tested, hopefully I can find who said it sucked.

And I still want 10bBistool's viability checked. If it's gonna lose to zombies and attackers, I mean, that's not exactly all that useful, is it? A lot of it's popularity seems to be based on how well it worked in the huge dishes hasbro used. It could avoid zombies due to the size and had decent stamina to outspin them, and it could survive KO's well, due to the Arena. I'm sure you all know this, but the point is, we don't use stupid arena's. So is it really as great as it is fabled to be?

I could be wrong, I'm again only able to go by what I've read, but I mean, considering it'd be easier to KO than a compact, and would be forced to make contact with zombies, I just don't see it working. I mean, sure, if a metagame was ruled by compacts, but most people would carry a decent attacker, zombie, or both, right?
Cross Griffon has too much recoil when used with Metal Flat, it really needs a rubber base.
Me and poseidon have no trouble with it, as long as you use an hmc.
Me neither and that's without a HMC too.
Hey, are we considering HMS here? Because its kinda easier to make a list on that. You see, most of us are familiar with the top tiers of HMS....
I am sorry if this was already answered. I just read the OP and the last few posts, and there was no mention of it...
If it is about plastic top tiers so no HMS in this IMO.
Hms might be done later but neither me, Th!nk or Galaxy own any HMS so that will probably be up to someone else. I have knowledge about them but I never really used mine when I had them. Also another thing is that plastics are more interesting and a lot cheaper than hms generally.
(Jul. 23, 2011  12:31 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]Me neither and that's without a HMC too.

Wow, IMO that's living life on the edge! I usually find Triple Wing works better if you're not using an HMC.
I don't really feel like spending $20 or so on a bey when I already have all of the parts apart from the SG(I have the hasbro version).
You shouldn't use HMC with Triple Wing
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