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Full Version: [SSS] [Kennesaw, Georgia] WBO Bey Lightning
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(Aug. 10, 2011  3:14 AM)cloudtail810 Wrote: [ -> ]this is going to be my first time at a wbo tournament me and my friends usaly have our own mini one so yep i hope i do decent XD

Do your best.
the competition is getting fierce. I need to me alot more agressive
I just tricked out my new galaxy pegasus and it's gonna ROCK J00 ALL! I also have a few awesome beys for backup Cute
I going
guys dont get to overconfident. all of you will run into a basalt wheel (mine)
I will definitely be there!!!!!!!!!!!Stupid
I sure hope I do half decent. I've been practicing like crazy tricking out my beys and working on my rip, etc.
(Aug. 10, 2011  8:00 PM)Sol Chimera Wrote: [ -> ]guys dont get to overconfident. all of you will run into a basalt wheel (mine)

A decent attack type and a good launch and you could probably knock it out. Out of curiosity how old is everyone? I feel like i will most likely be the oldest. Tired
Sol Chimera and I are 12, iB is 14, I think storm Dranzer is 10 or 11, and I'm not too sure about everyone else.
You got my age right. I am so pumped! I practiced a bit too much with my Galaxy Pegasus though and it's pretty chipped..... Uncertain oh well.
Yeah, lol im in college. Im having second thoughts on coming. If no one else my age will be there it seems a bit out of place for me to come.
Age doesn't really make a difference. To be honest, it'd be more fun with you there; the more the merrier. (overused statement is overused)
if iw was 40 i would still come
Im going to try to be there.
/sorry sol chemera is now plastic zeus i finally found a name iliked so swap sol chimera out
OP update!: Slightly more detailed meeting place.
possible. thats only 30 min from where I am, but I will try to make this my first appearance in a tournament!Wink
still trying to find a way to get there. So broke T_T dunno if im gonna have the gas to make it there and back. we shall see..
im bring my stadium too.
I cant wait this is my first bey battle aginst other people that i dont know. I all was beat my friend even my skool but this is going to be harder. Joyful_3
do i have to pay
I won my tourney in Orengon so best luck to all of you my combo was
Earth LeoneII SW145(attack mode)ES
which side is attack 3 or 6 stickers
I can't go anymore. What makes me mad is that its tommorow!!!!!
what were you combos
That sucks. Unhappy Really wish you could come.

On a positive note, I'm so pumped that it's tomorrow! Expect the unexpected, my friends. Tongue_out
Kaioya, prepare to face my wrath!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH XD just kidding you are probably gonna crush me Confused
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