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Full Version: Spin Stealing / Equalization?
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Mods, please let this have a chance.
I might relate this to Pokemon, so please be patient with me.

Ahem, to begin with, I think that we should not use the term "spin steal" in this website. When you think of spin steal, you think of Giga Drain, a move in Pokemon. The effect is sapping the enemy's heath, and using the sapped portion to recover your HP. However, does this really imply on MFB? I do not think so. You do NOT take away your opponent's spin without getting "equalized".

On the other hand, I think that the term "equalization" would be a better choice over "spin stealing". Like Pain Split, another move in Pokemon, adjusts your health to the enemy's HP. This is the term which should be used. To support my point, this is the reason that if you pit a hand spun Earth Bull 90WD with MLD 90WD, either one of them will win by the slightest margins.

Fyuuor's Video:

Thanks for reading, and I hope this really gets stickied.
The problem is that you are wrong. "Spin Stealing" is a term accepted in Beyblade in general, and a Beyblade does steal spin if they are in the opposite spin direction, otherwise how could they even get to a point where they equalised ?

Where the real issue lies is in the misconception that people have where they automatically associate "Spin Stealing" with "stealing more spin than the opponent so they go past the equalisation point and spin way more than the other Beyblade in the end". However, it is obvious that there is nothing like this yet in Metal Fight Beyblade.
So should I let this thread die? Or does it have some value?
besides getting a double sided launcher is there any other way to make your bey spinsteal?
You should realize that the double sided launcher does not "spinsteal".

You just shoot two opposing direction-spinning Beyblades..
it can left spin though which is the opposite direction of most launchers.
the only left spinning bey that i know of is ldrago
Do you know what? You are officially talking giberry-gabbery! The only part i got was... the only left spin is L-Drago. Which it isn't, there is Pre-HWS LD, LLD, MLD, LDD, GP and VariAres!
Yes, exactly. Do not post what you are not sure of, use use "ask a question, get an answer! 2" Oh, and btw, dont bump old threads.