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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] Winter's Prime - July 8, 2011 [LIMIT REACHED]
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gonna eat sum piclates then leave 4 the tourny! Wink

1st - Omega (The king is back)
2nd - blah
3rd - Mish

Overall, Epic tourney. I got a black Rock Aries for $20.
Also the Elites had two very close battles with the Prodigies and BeyTex. Great job everybody.
yeah,that was a great tourny!
good work Omega blah and mish!
Hey omega thanks for making me a new member of the prods!!!
... All I can say is; damn the king. Next time man, next time ...

Oh and what is this ? UniquE defeated The Prodigies ?!
Next time blah next time
THAT WAS SO EPIC i beat chaos blader even waith cant beat him soooo EPIC i got a rock lacerter in the random draw and became a member in beytex
Great tournament! Even though blah once again stopped me from continuing to the finals...
The Prodigies had some bad luck with some of our team battles but we will come back!

btw heavy on the condiments
Congratulations to blah and Mish for putting up a great effort ;D

Placings as Wraith stated:
1st. Yours truly Wink I say fluke win. Who agrees ? NART. Pure skill !
2nd. blah IN YOUR FACE.
3rd. Mish

Thanks everybody for making the effort to come and participate, we had a great time ! I'd like to thank torcher1234 for putting up such a great effort, well done Joyful_3
Again, in your face blah, the king is most definitely back. That is all.

-blah <3

PS. heavy on the condiments. - tehfez<3

We all <3 tehfez !
And tehfez <3 his condiments.
damn u guys are trolls!
that was a great tournament even though I had such a tough block with blah, resistance and a few others. Sucks to be you blah cause you lost your win streak Tongue_out the kings back

All I did was try my best. I didn't expect to get that far in the tornament.
Do you guys know when the next beyblade tournament is?
That isn't the plastic bey tornament.
Has anybody found a BB-99 BD145? I've lost it. Also, blah lost a CS...
oh, i lost a blue bag with some food in it, i forgot to take it with me. thats my school bag.
(Jul. 09, 2011  2:06 AM)Wraith Wrote: [ -> ]Has anybody found a BB-99 BD145? I've lost it. Also, blah lost a CS...

Nah don't worry, I found it. =P
As did I. (My BD145)
Has anyone accidetilly picked up a WB tip from rock girrafe
Winter's Prime finals video is up ! Check it out here !

Unfortunately Omega VS Mish was accidentally deleted (Thanks Novae Rog Tired) but it's still worth checking out !

if you want that battle i could get it from rayquazon, he filmed the finals i think. fun tournament that was, i gave up after my brother beat me but it was still fun.

ps: i get the saphire face i think when the battles get in, atleast i got something out of it.
Why do you get a Sapphire face?
(Jul. 10, 2011  1:57 AM)Mish Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you get a Sapphire face?

Sapphire face is for 25 recorded victories.

Nice vid Tongue_out Trust Novae Rog to delete a part of the finals.. xD
i have 22 recorded wins and i got 3 wins from this at least (4 at most) and you get a saphire for 25 wins, i already got the emerald.
UniquE you sexy Beasts Smug

Congrats to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers.
The king is back Gasp

Wow Im so far behind. Heavy on the Condiments? Lolwut?
Heavy on the condiments was an after tourney joke hahahah.
I don't know why Mish has it in his sig though ... Chocked
mish is proberbly just following the rest of the prodergies' members as he is now part of that team.
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