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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] Winter's Prime - July 8, 2011 [LIMIT REACHED]
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24/24 Attendees FULL!

Winter's Prime

The WBO charges an entry fee of $5 USD to any entrant who does not have a Blader
Passport. The fee is $5 USD regardless of region, since we live in Australia AUD is accepted (Australian Dollar.) Players who cannot pay this fee cannot enter WBO events UNLESS the player has a blader's passport.
The WBO is a nonprofit organization, and all money collected goes to things for the community; prizes, rewards, site maintenance, etc.

Blader Passport's
If you would like a blader's passport and for any reason cannot purchase one online, you can purchase one at the tournament for $10.00 USD or AUD. A blader's passport lasts for one whole year and allows free access to every tournament the player participates in within that year.

Date and time: July 8, 2011. Please be there between 12:30 PM and 1:20 PM; the tournament will start at 1:30 PM NO LATER.

Venue: Essendon, Lincoln Park (Same as always)

There's a milk bar next to the park, if you would like to bring money.

Train Line: (If you are out of Northern suburb area or you have to rely on public transport to get to the venue, you can catch any other line to Flinders Street Station, such as Southern Cross, and then from Flinders take the CRAIGIEBURN Line to either Essendon or Glenbervie.
Train Line Table:

Expected Turnout: 24 PEOPLE LIMIT ! Please let us know if you can attend ASAP ! (Limit is reached easily, though usually a few people drop out towards the end so I might accept a few extras)

Format: Round Robin block system; 3 blocks of 8 people.

Attendance List:
Giraton (Formerly Pikabattler)
Chaos Blader
Sam the Beast
voltic lynx
dread blaster
Mish (Formerly myvo3)
Novae Rog


Virgo Poison


First Place: Any bey related item, max $30 (Any online website/seller)
Second Place: Any bey related item, max $20 (Any online website/seller)
Third Place: Any bey related item, max $11 (Any online website/seller)

Awesome ! Im always first to post on these xD
Anyway I will try my best to make it to this one Tongue_out
count me in, and but my brother as a maybe as i need to convince him to go to at least one more tournament before the end of the year. this is 4 days after what you planed i noticed.
I'll be there this time! Time for some Prodigies Domination
Why can't it be at queens park. Unhappy Anyway, I'm 99% sure I can come, and as usual I can bring my Attack stadium if needed.
, does your brother have an account ? Note this time the limit is 24 people, 3 blocks of 8 (New rules), so if you can make it, post fast !

EDIT: Blader, Queens park would be nice, but it would cause a lot of confusion, being in the same suburb. I'm hoping to host a tournament later in the year in the city, around Flinders Street Smile
yea, he wouldn't have a passport if he didn't, it's leone9337, we bought our passports from you at the same time.

edit: he say he will but knowing him he may change his mind.
I'm in of course.
But then I saw you already had my name down. xD

By the way, I moved this to Official Events. ;D
I am coming
Kill me now. FML I cannot come Uncertain have a Tournament on 30th because I will be back by then Smile it feels so bad not being able to go....

tehfez don't be a good Judge. I wanna keep my position Smile
ha, chups if you want a tournament then that badly then i might hold mine then, or maby the 31st as the 30th is a Saturday. finally i have a date. by the way, my team will be accepting team challenges at this after the new member tests.

ps: my team's name is beytex.
Wow! whats with all these tournerments latley? theres been heaps!

anyway,ill be coming.put me on the list!
i'll be there
I can come, with my cousin JINX.
you can count me in

PS:pikabattler my team challenges you (insert threat grrrrrrr)

edit when do our beypoints get added
There are still a few problems from the BeyDays results, once they're all fixed the points from BSII will be up Smile
your on dread blaster. man 16 people wanting to come and the topic has only been up for an hour or 2. this must be a result of the more frequent tournaments.
can you put me on the attending list
cool and hey whats your teams name pikabattler and whos in it mine has blaze pegasis, monkeyman 942 and me

already 16 people and 2 maybes in 1 hour or so
Haha. Pika. I meant JULY 30th because I get back on the 25th. Im leaving to go to Italy & Sweden for soccer Eee I leave on the 30th of JUNE.

Good luck guys this should be great! Name sounds beautiful.
dread blaster, it's beytex, and so far we got me and rayquazonX, witch hopefully will be able to make it to this, and we have voltic lynx, xXdarkomegaXx and my brother leone9337. i have already started training for this, im going for first this time, it's the only way ill get some excitement from this, also beating omega (again) or chaos blader would also get my spirit up again, blah would also be cool as i have to get him back for the last tournament.

edit: : eh, im still going to try doing it on july 31st.
hey omega are the 4d beyblades banned for use in tournaments
(Jun. 21, 2011  10:56 AM)dread blaster Wrote: [ -> ]hey omega are the 4d beyblades banned for use in tournaments

No, I'm sure they are not banned.
I challenge pikabattler's team.
to bad they are allready battling us plus that is spam.
beybreakerz also challenge elites
wow this is going to be a good tournament most of the good bladers arent coming this is going to be easy
btw whos in ur team other than u and sucks
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