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Full Version: Siblings.
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(Apr. 20, 2011  3:25 PM)Sasagawa Wrote: [ -> ]I have 2 big sisters, 1 who has her own house and is 24. The other who i live with who is 18, She is the problem, she pushes me around to make me fall(Im on crutches). She gashed my bey with a knife, right through the facebolt. I can only use her laptop when shes at school. i let her use anything of mine, and i try to be nice but she doesnt react with nothing but evil. As long as i stay in my room i can avoid her warpath of Hate.

She gashed your bey. That's is straight up unforgivable. If something like that happen to me I probably would have had a bad reflex if you know what I mean.
I have 2 brothers, My brother Sasukia and William. They are so annoying, I hate them so much!
I got 4 sister's that are all older than me Speechless. My youngest sister is 15 and my oldest sister is 20. I like tbeing the young though, because I get everything I want Smile
I GOT ONE BROTHER.And he is 20 and im 10 Years younger than him and yes that means im 10.He is all ready married by the way.
I have 9 siblings my older brother who is 17 raises hell in my life, being 14 and taller than him gives me no advantage needless to say i have 0 self confidence my 12 year old sister is terrifying and punches/kicks anyone who does the same, me she kicks or punches me for nothing, and since violence solves nada i dont hit back. My 19 year old sister is a moron, she used to bash my head into the table, and those are the only ones i have a problem with, the oldest three i rarely saw but still love em, so all you people complaining about your family, you havent seen carp!
i have 2 sisters brianna 18 (brianna lives at home still) corinne shes 20 something
i get along with them most of the time but sometimes they get on
my nerves also i have a brother jason hes like 23 or 24 i think
i get along with him pretty good but it sucks cause i dont get to see him alot
cause he lives in Florida
I have a brother, at times I hate him. He stole my duo without permission. I will kkkiiiilllllll him! Angry Unhappy Unhappy X( Angry
I have 2 brothers ones 8 the others 6 and a little sister that's 3 they're always messing with my stuff plus I share a room with the 8-year old and he sometimes messes with my bey's one time I put them up high in my room he got a chair and ended up dropping the stadium with all my beys in it I was so upset but my mom couldn't care less Tired I also have a half-blood brother and sister ones in they're late 20's- early 30's and the other in her late 30's i'm also the uncle of my 20-year old neice who's pregnent my half blood sister got married had children but now she's divorced there's also a 8 and 3 year old who are also her children (my dad's gotten married had children then get a divorce many times wich is why all of this happend)
I got 2 brothers and a sister we all play beyblade. Im the oldest, we only get along in beyblade and we are kinda like the Garcias
So in other words... YOU CHEAT WHEN YOU BATTLE?!
now i'm pretty sure they wouldn't pull something like the garcias did in the destroyer dome episode/movie Serious
I was talking about the sibling part not the cheating (or the beys)
True, the Garcias have suckish beys.

I have an older sister that is 15 and a little half-brother that is 3.
I have two younger sisters who are 11 & 14. I get along well enough with the older of the two, but the 11 year old is another story...
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