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Full Version: March of the Bladers [London, UK 26/03/11] - Regents Park
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put me as a maybe blitz and sorry for not attending the other one
Sorry I cant come since my basalt wont come at that time I'll definatly come to the next one
ughhhhh got something planned on this day, gutted

Good luck to everyone participating and organising though, as usual. :]
im a maybe
well the weather looks hot and sunny on sat hopefully that will be the case see you all there
I am atending with my please sign me up!!
i have now changed my username to psycho 666 so can u change it from phsyco to my new one as i still want to come if not please reply
sorry i may have been hacked can you plz leave my name as it is on the list and i change it back sorry for that
i cant come take my name of the list
Im not coming now, Blitz you can take me off the list
Put me in
i cant go sorry my dads being a jerk n saying i have 2 make my own way there n idk how to so soz
I can definitely make it now Smile
random q, but does anyone ATTENDING kno how 2 fix a l/r launcher???
(Mar. 25, 2011  5:09 PM)Cyber Kerberous Wrote: [ -> ]I can definitely make it now Smile

So can I.
Hey I'll be coming with ControL_ - If I say "maybe" does that mean i can turn up without full confirmation of a 100% yes?

But it's a fat maybe / small confirmed coming.
yes it does
Put me on the list plz i want to come and beat every one cuz im the best!
As it's the day before the tournament I'd just like to remind people -

If a parent is bringing you to the tournament then they may have to wait for quite awhile so let them know that the tournaments can over run as we get a large amount of participants and when we have kids and adults coming up to us every 5 minuets asking us when we are going to start while sorting out blocks it delays us more.

If you are bringing friends along that aren't registered to the WBO they won't be able to take part in the tournament we don't have the right equipment to sign them up on the day and it's caused problems.

Also if you do get your friends to register make sure they confirm they are coming by posting here or PMing me.

Other than those moans, I hope everyone that comes has a good time and I look forward to seeing everyone!
In addition, remember to have a back up plan of transport guys, because the protests will be carried out while we're there.

Several tube and train lines will have considerable delays and closures if the minority begin to disrupt certain places or even the trains themselves!
I have got a nice combo which I think will tale me far in this tournament so look out for me
See you all tomorrow, good luck and please leave early as there may be an issue with transport.
Good luck to everyone participating, I hope you all get there safely. Remember to leave Early
Good Luck Guys Ill Be Leaving at 10!
I'm on my way, had to get a replacement bus service as my station is closed for the day... Luckily I've left myself plenty of time to get to London so I should be fine.
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