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Full Version: Feb-Bey-ary Freeze! [London,UK 26/02/11] - Regents Park
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sorry i cant come got to go tuition it starts at 1;30 so i wont be comin i'LL COME ON THE NEXT TOURNEY

is any one selling 90hf or rf i need one please
(Feb. 23, 2011  9:07 PM)hasan125 Wrote: [ -> ]is any one selling 90hf or rf i need one please

Go on the selling thread
As the WBO will be going down for maintenance the day before the tournament you can contact me on my Youtube account to let me know if your unable to attend / able to attend or if you have any questions you need to ask.
Just make sure you put your WBO username somewhere in your message as I'll have no clue who you are otherwise.

My Youtube Account is KidDragoon. (Link - )
Matt myself and Noah (arkboy) are coming on sat Noah will bring my stadium as he will be there before me, I'm at work til 11 and am heading straight to London after so I should make it there for 12.30 I'll keep in touch with Noah on my way there
hey guys seems the weather is gonna be good from what i've seen today.
You shouldn't base the weather of a day on the weather of a day 2 days before. Anything could happen, let's just hope not.
(Feb. 23, 2011  2:16 PM)Blitz Wrote: [ -> ]
(Feb. 23, 2011  12:39 PM)ToRmEnTeD Wrote: [ -> ]an you put my friend silent reaper and woffy as a maybe
o and my bb10 arrived so il bring it too

Can you give me their actual usernames please, it makes my life easier.

SiLENTR34P3R and woffy im not sure
Can no longer make it Blitz, sorry man! Maybe next time ...
(Feb. 24, 2011  7:29 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]Can no longer make it Blitz, sorry man! Maybe next time ...

Ohhh i wanted to battle you for all the warnings you gave me lol in kiddin but still that sucks!
is there going to be any wbo tournaments in scotland ?
check the 'official events' thread
how do i do that ? Tongue_out
rhysm9709 are you a troll?
Cause that better be a troll.


To do that click this link
dude no, but if you want to organise 1 just make an event proposal
Can't believe i'm not down, so you can do so. Got a new combo instead of the original stealing spin dragonnn.
hey ya ya im going to the tournament put me down thank you
Yeah me and Linh are dying some parts and getting some last minute practice in as we speak, been way to busy with work lately but its all good, glad to see so many people taking an interest. Please can everyone take a look at the double elimination format so you understand it to avoid having to explain it a million times.

All those who asked about a team side event. There won't be one this tourney but im planning one for March and I will post the thread once this event is out of the way.
Well shock horror Its raining right now meaning that chances are its gonna be wet today!

I'm prob the only one up thats going to this tournament so yea...
It's gonna be muddy. But I'll still be attending! It's not gonna be cancelled right?
Libra now unbanned, don't know what to make of it for this tournament.
With libra now unbanned I am sure glad I'm buying a metal Face heavy i tell you that, since people at now gonna be going all out attack in-case of a libra attack
Hey everyone, I'll still be making my way up to the tournament what ever the weather so hope to see a few people attending even if the weather isn't so good!
I'm still coming. Waited too long for weather to ruin my day.
(Feb. 24, 2011  10:29 PM)a.k.a jake Wrote: [ -> ]hey ya ya im going to the tournament put me down thank you

hey jake you cant keep doing that you keep on changing acounts coz you did carp in other tourneys
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