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Full Version: [West Midlands - UK] Come one, Come All!
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Anyone In the West Midlands up for a battle? I Can Travel To


If anyone's Interested I'll organize a location Give you directions on google maps (If applicable) and decide who's Bringing a Stadium Etc. Please bare in mind however that the Only Stadiums I have now is the Hasbro ones as my only Tkara Tomy-Esk Style stadium I have has nor fallen apart when My storm pegasus actually broke through the side of the stadium Tongue_out So if you have any Preferences on Stadiums then I'll leave you to take care of that Tongue_out

I'm Interested in Battles of either the MFB or original Variety. (Not HMS So Much as the only ones I have are Drigger and Strata Dragoon MS which is Nuts lol)

So yeah It really doesn't matter who you are, If you're willing to make the distance to any of the above Places, I'm willing to battle
hey mate i live in gloustershire, do you wanna battle with the old plastics some time?
Hi mate. I got no idea where about gloustershire is. But if you can make it to one of the places I listed (don't have a car so can't travel far Tongue_out) i'll be happy to have a meet and battle session sometime. Name your place and any days that suit you. Looking forward to battling with you Smile. I'll have to get used to using the plastics in the meantime Tongue_out

EDIT - I Just took a look at your profile and I saw your age. now that's not discouraged me from meeting or anything but i'd just thought i'd note that if you have to come out on the weekend due to school activities or anything then i'd prefer a Sunday over saturday because I pay visits to my Grandparents on Saturdays and getting out may be more trouble than on a Sunday
would you be able to get to swindon or cheltnham?
(Sep. 22, 2011  7:25 PM)kap1357 Wrote: [ -> ]would you be able to get to swindon or cheltnham?

I'm Afraid not mate. I don't/Can't Drive so I have to rely on Public transport for me to get around. And with where you are compared to me, on public transport by the time i get there i'd have to get going back, or book a hotel for the night, which that'll be one expensive bey-battle Tongue_out.

Sorry dude but no can do Unhappy.
you could take the train to swindon or chelnham?
I could, However I've just looked at the times and If i leave from wolverhampton at half past 10 (meaning i'd have to get up at half past 7) I'd arrive at the train station at swindon at quarter to 3, leaving me only 1 and a half hours to wonder around with the hopes of meeting and battling you, and hop back on the train again on the way home.

that journey would cost me 84 pounds (If i go 1 hour earlier it'd cost me 57 but that's only leavin me half an hour :s)

So for the money and with the time i'd actually be spending in Swindon compared to the time i'd be spending on a train. I'm afraid i can't make it dude.

But hey, if you ever get chance to go to a convention somewhere in Birmingham (like the NEC) I'll be sure to come down and we'll hang out in the chill out area a bit and battle. Alert the rest of the WBO As well and have a tourney Smile
ok cool, i would love to have a tournement some time also would you sell any of ur plastics HMS?
WOW!! you would actually travel that far just to battle someone. you must be one active person. Good luck!
would you be able to make it to lecister/wellingborough becuase i could be going there often
hey guys, i would say make it more central like regents park.

click for my selling thread
Well they obviously don't live near Regents Park or London. You can't expect people to travel for hours on trains just to come to a beyblade tournament.
I live in the west midlands and have been wanting to play hardcore beyblade for ages Grin just i dont know anyone who lives near me that plays it V.V
i live in the west midlands i beyblade
i wish i could battle you
a yugioh battle would be good too
Birmingham eh, that's a great place to host tourneys outside London for quite a lot of people, it's like in the middle of the country, if this thread gets more interest then a tourney in birmingham could be created
If a torney in Birmingham is created I AM IN.
Also, I live in Coventry so we can meet up some time
I live in smethwick which is birmiingham and is a half hour drive away form wolverhampton not even half hour and im 13 btw AND A TOURAMENT WUD BE GREAT
Anyone in the west mids to batttle?
I tried for the tourney but i dont have the stadium and 8 participants
Hey I only live in Shropshire and go to Birmingham on a regular basis. In fact I'm going there today. Sounds like Birmingham is a good place for a lot of people
I need a challenge me and my galaxy lacerta needs a battle I live in 9 whernside drive farndale in wolverhapton
i live in manchester anyone want to have a tournament here?
I Live In Birmingham, once i get my new beys, i'll battle you.
i live in birmingham, wanna battle!!
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