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Full Version: Funniest MFB character?
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Who is the most HILLARIOUS character on MFB?
Tetsuya. Just for "Crabby, crabby!"
Tetsuya & Yuu's both are great in the english dubs , & yes the chessy king of corny dialogs Gi gi gi , Gingka [ i mean this in a bad way ]
To be honest..... Ryuuga's American dub. So stupid sounding it gets funny after a while.
Benkei. He is so annoying but funny at the same time.
Tetsuya People!
who goes crabby all the time?
(Jan. 18, 2011  12:46 AM)Off Topic King Wrote: [ -> ]Tetsuya People!
who goes crabby all the time?

I also laughed out loud at that Elvis voice reference when he first upgraded his Beyblade.
yeah tesuya is crazy he thinks he is a crab
Dr. Ziggurat. just for the fact that he branded a bunny with their companies logo
Tetsuya, Benkei and Yuu are hilarious!!!
Benkay abd the crab person in my opinion.
I would say doji when he was asking tsubasa about if he likes cacti.
Tetsuya! there cant be a guy funnier then him then him in BMF (i dont watch MB so im not sure how funny he is in it)

also my and my brother get some laughs with Yuu's name
Tetsuya! definitely! Have you SEEN the way he walks?
Tetsuya Wataragami!
Here are three funny quotes from him in American Dub:
1. 'As touching as a mother's claw!'
2. 'Crabby Crabby!'
3. 'Wha..? Talk about crustacean frustration!'

Lol mega time!
Ryuga's dub voice has to be some of the funniest out there. Yuu is kinda funny. It the way he talks and all the random stuff he says.
Tetsuya, benkei, yuu, gingka and ryuuga. Thos are the people who r funny in my opinion
Tetsuya, Yuu and Benkei.
(Jan. 26, 2011  5:45 PM)MeteoLDrago=) Wrote: [ -> ]ryuuga

Problem being that Ryuuga isn't supposed to be funny. At all.
(Jan. 26, 2011  8:00 PM)Dude Wrote: [ -> ]Problem being that Ryuuga isn't supposed to be funny. At all.
I know Ryuuga is surpose to be god-like, but I can't just stop laughing every time I hear his voice in the English Dub Version, seriously I can't it's just hilarious to hear.
for me its yuu, and Tetsuya

Yuu: "THAT'S SOOO STINKYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tetsuya: "Crabby, HEHEHHEHEHEHEH"

those in the dubbed voice are hilarious
i would have to say sora he just so funny in a unexplanble sort of way
CRABBY CRABBY (TETSUYA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Benkei is the funniest because he is so... annoying and stupid at times. Also, i laugh at his many failures for example fighting Ginka period.
Tetsuya Watarigani
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