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Full Version: Project Beyhem's selling thread.
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I'll make this thread for people who are going to be selling things at beyhem.

I guess i'll be selling a SD+DF145 for $6.00?
Tell me if you want to edit this post with what your selling or not.
ill be sellin a l beylauncher and a metal face for 10 bux also a fantom fox with its boxed near mint **looking for attack stadium**
(Aug. 31, 2010  6:42 AM)bskulldragon100 Wrote: [ -> ]ill be sellin a l beylauncher and a metal face for 10 bux also a fantom fox with its boxed near mint **looking for attack stadium**
Might buy the MF and your selling a Phantome Fox! my freind is like in love with that ill tell him to pm you.
Storm Pegasis 105 (no bottom) -PM me befre tounrey and i'll bring it
Hasbro launchers/ ripcords (one with the dragon handle)
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Random beys:
Dark Gasher 145FS
Beylauncher L or LR
PM me with offers
Depending on offers, I may sell my Poison Giraffe S130MB and my old Attack Stadium.

PM me if interested.

EDIT: Attack Stadium's sold.
plz msg me if ur selling any metal fight stuff and metal fusion im in toronto
this is for a tourney and so far all the stuff above is MFB
whats MFB im new
metal fight beyblade.....
oh are u selling any ?
read above...............
Beyblade, please wait until people post what they are going to be selling instead of you asking them.
how much ?
any of u guys selling an attk stadium pm me
mesoranger this is a thread for a tourney in TORONTO, CANADA therefore if you buy from someone here you would have to go to this tournament
mchlbant im gonna be gong to niagra so i can meet up and the bey ur selling from hasbro ?
i pmed you mchlbant
trading and/or selling
flame bull
dark wolf
storm aries
i might be sellin some beyblade parts all below $5
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the attack stadium is sold Pinching_eyes_2 i needed it!! and today my ptw broke cuz my lightning ldrago shot my flam libra threw the wall (dont get how that happend) in the corner D= and i dont want to waste my money buying a other ptw
Bring some cash to Beyhem and hope that someone else is selling a stadium.
I'll be giving out free Hasbro winders and launchers there.
I really need to free space.
If people want to buy a Burn Pisces ED145WF or Sol Blaze V145AS, PM me. Both assembled, but never used.

I realized I'm never going to use them and I do need money.
can any one sell me an attack statium? If Any extras.
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