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Full Version: Project Beyhem's selling thread.
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Okay, formal list time. PM an offer, or I will not bring them to the tournament.
  • Poison Giraffe S130MB - Slightly used, MB was used in testing
  • Burn Pisces ED145WF - Mint
  • Sol Blaze V145AS - Mint
  • Virgo DF145BS - Mint, stickers applied - Sold
I've edited my last post to say this too:
Storm Pegasis 105 (no bottom) -PM me before tourney and i'll bring it
Hasbro launchers/ ripcords (one with the dragon handle)
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Random beys:
Dark Gasher 145FS

Beylauncher L or LR
PM me with offers
parts im selling at the tournament
rock wheel x3

hf(l dragox1)
is anyone selling a quetz for 20-25$
i might be selling an attack stadimum if anyone is intrested pm me =D i only have one so every time some one makes an offer all put it up and if someone doesnt make a higher bid in a hour the prvious peson gets it
What's an H bottom?
Or ED, for that matter.
He probably meant H145 and ED145.
(Sep. 03, 2010  9:31 PM)burndrago Wrote: [ -> ]is anyone selling a quetz for 20-25$

Don't expect to get one for that cheap anywhere.
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