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Full Version: Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Burst Classic (BSC)
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This thread is for Burst Classic combinations used by the top three winners at WBO Organized Play events only.

To post combos on this thread, you must either be
  • The organizer(s) for the event
  • Own at least a Gold, Silver or Bronze Bit
Posting winning combos in this thread while not meeting any of the criteria above may result in warnings.

Discussion of winning combos is allowed by everyone else.

In your post, please state the
  1. Tournament name
  2. Either tournament information (e.g. rank status, match type, format etc.) oOR tournament link
  3. Winning combos for top 3 winners
  4. Photos & videos, optionally. Make your post lively with media and font changes!
  5. Other relevant information
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Evil Cinder Sandwich
Rockwell, North Carolina (03/23/2024)
Burst Classic Format (Unranked Deck Format in Shin TA)

Driger S Heavy Assault-Q+Flap
Dragoon S Polish Bearing
Xeno Xcalibur Spread Xtreme’

Dark Deathscyther Yell Unite’
Xcalibur Spread Xtreme’
Odin Heavy High Xtend+’

Yggdrasil Heavy High Xtend+’
Odin Heavy Zephyr’
Victory Valkyrie Quarter Hunter’
Dark Deathscyther Yell Atomic’
Orpheus Yell Atomic-S
Dragoon F Polish Absorb-S (Final Stage Only)


Thank you to everyone who showed up and played! We had some unexpected delays and ran a bit later than anticipated, but this was a fun event overall! Shoutout to Wingeagle who just about went undefeated with his Dark Deathscyther Yell Unite'. That combo outspun the likes of Revolve', High Xtend+', Assault-Q+Kick, etc... just a bunch of combos it really should not have been outlasting haha.
Dragoon FighterZ | Burst Classic Format (Ranked)
Coquitlam, Canada | April 20, 2024
First stage matches were played with 3on3 Match Type. Combos were used in both stages, unless otherwise specified.

1st Place -
Dragoon Fantom Polish High Xtend+'
Atlas Anubion A2 Yell Revolve-SPM
Yggdrasil Knuckle Wedge'
Gigant Gaia Heavy Liner' (Deck Match Type Final Stage Only)

2nd Place -
Acid Anubis Spread Revolve'
Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
Odin Heavy High Xtend+'
Acid Anubis Yell High Wave' (Deck Match Type Final Stage Only)

3rd Place - Turbo Scott
Dragoon Fighter Polish Destroy
Alter Cognite C3 Gravity Bearing
Tempest Wyvron W3 Yell Atomic

4th Place -
Draciel Fortress Yell Charge Metal'
Mad Minoboros Gravity Zephyr'
Tornado Wyvern Spread Zone' (3on3 Match Type First Stage Only)
Acid Anubis Spread Zone' (3on3 Match Type First Stage Only)
Victory Valkyrie Triple Accel (3on3 Match Type First Stage Only)