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Full Version: Introducing the DMV Grand Prix!!
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What is the “DMV Grand Prix”?
Well lets just dive right in! The DMV Grand Prix is a series of Beyblade X tournaments with the goal of crowning the Number 1 Blader as well as seeing what Blader’s are Consistently doing well in the Central Atlantic area during the Beyblade X Generation! This series of tournaments will happen annually in order to see how players' skills have improved, as well as show what players in the area are consistently doing well at highly competitive tournaments within the Central Atlantic.

How Will the Series Work?
Starting in October of 2023 tournaments marked for the DMV Grand Prix will begin, and will be hosted every other month. The top 4-8 players (Depending on the amount of overall players at each tournament.) from each event will earn an invitation to participate in the DMV Grand Prix Championship Tournament in October of 2024. (So yes this will be a Year Long Series.) The Championship Tournament will be where all of the players that have earned an invitation, will meet up and play for the title of Number 1, as well as some extra prizing for the players that come in 1st-4th.

Where will DMV Grand Prix Tournaments be hosted?
  • All DMV Grand Prix Tournaments will be held at Superstar Card Gaming, located at 7902 Belair Rd, Nottingham, Maryland 21236.
Is there an entry fee and will the Prizing be for the tournaments?
  • Superstar Card Gaming charges a small entry fee of $5 per player entering in the tournament. However, All entry fees will be split among the top 3 players as STORE CREDIT, that the players can use on anything in the shop.
  • The Championship Tournament will have the normal store credit prizing as well as some added cash prizing to the top 4, that is still being determined.
Will these tournaments be hosted on the WBO and be ranked?
  • Yes, they will all be posted onto the WBO’s Tournament Threads page as well as be ranked for the WBO’s ranking system.
What if someone that already has an invite gets top 4 again?
  • The invites will be passed down to the next available candidate within the top 8 based on their placing from the first stage.
If I win the Championship do I have to earn another invite for the following year’s Championship?
  • No. The top 4 of the Championship will automatically be the first 4 to obtain an invite to the next year's Championship.
The DMV Grand Prix will have a very standardized set of rules and regulations to keep the series the same all the way through. 
However to save space here I am going to give the link to the google doc that I have created, explaining the series and how to play the game with the standardized set of rules.

Here is the link:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment them here or even private message me!
LOVE THIS!!! Do it big bro!!! 😎
(Aug. 05, 2023  7:43 PM)StayCool Wrote: [ -> ]LOVE THIS!!! Do it big bro!!! 😎

I plan on it!
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