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Full Version: Introducing the Updated WBO Help Documents
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Hello World Bladers!

Today we’d like to announce the re-launch of our Help Documents!

A link to these documents has been added under “More” in the main menu as well as in a “Need Help?” box on the index of the website.

What are the Help Documents?
The Help Documents are a resource that compiles documents answering frequently asked questions about the WBO.

The Help Documents are currently divided into 9 distinct sections:

  1. Playing in Beyblade Tournaments
  2. Organizing Beyblade Tournaments
  3. Beyblade Hobby
  4. Community
  5. Site Features
  6. User Maintenance
  7. Posting
  8. Organization
  9. Policies

You can consider the version we are launching today as “Help Documents v2.0”. This page previously existed on years ago, but was hidden when we underwent our complete re-design a while ago. The original version slowly became out of date and we didn’t take the time to re-write everything until now.

Why did we do this?
Over the years, the amount of systems, features, and guidelines within the WBO has grown. While we have comprehensive rules and resources for tournaments, we did not have an up-to-date source of truth for new and veteran users alike to reference for basic questions about things like website functionality, our organization, or our policies for more specific things related to Beyblade tournaments on both the player and organizer side.

We understand that we need to do a better job of documenting things and presenting them to the community. Right now the website doesn't do a good job of guiding newcomers or giving people a central place to go to find answers. A lot of the information people need is out there, but it hasn't been structured or collected in the most strategic way until now.

This project is but one small cog in the wheel that will lead towards us being able to achieve a more welcoming, strategic, driven framework for the WBO. One that is aimed at helping people to "Play Beyblade, Together".

In the future we will be looking at other areas of our documentation as well as the design of our website that can be improved, so please stay tuned.

Want a question answered? Suggest it below.
We’ve dubbed this version of the Help Documents as “v2.0” because it simply represents the second version. It’s not ‘complete’. It should be considered a living document.

We will continue to add to it over time, but would also like to ask that if anyone in the community feels there is a question we haven’t addressed that would be worth answering in these documents to please let us know below!

Good job on giving players help Staff
Great job to everyone who contributed to this! This will definitely help a lot of peoples questions get answered quicklier and in more detail. It’ll also cut down on people posting spam threads with random questions.
Great work guys. From a lot of discussions I've found the forums are quite unapproachable (foreign as a concept even) to a lot of younger members who grew up in the "messenger" era rather than the "forum" era. Hopefully this will help some.