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Full Version: "Squid" game VS "Classic" game? - Cancelled
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This is "Burst Classic Format" Tournament. Again, "CLASSIC" not Standard. 

Please read the Burst Classic rulebook prior to confirming your attendance to ensure that you or your child have the appropriate equipment to compete. Legal parts / launchers will not be lent out by event staff. 

Participant Cap12

Location : Check #1 amphitheater. If it's occupied, check #2 picnic area. If occupied, it will be #3 under the tree.

Event Schedule 
1:50 -1:55PM Registration
1:55 -2:00PM Bracket Set-up/Announcements
2:00PM Tournament Starts

*Tournament can last up to 3 hours
** if you’re not registered, please do not attend. No waiting list. 
*** If you don't have appropriate equipment, you will not be admitted.

[Image: mall-of-toys-logo.png]

Tournament Prizes – Sponsored by
The winner (1st place player) of this tournament will receive an online gift code for, the official sponsor! The online gift code will be distributed via private message directly to the winner after this event has been successfully processed by WBO Staff.

Please see additional event information and any local or federal requirements below in regards to COVID 19.

*Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament violation.
This event has been approved.
, I only have 2 beys as far as burst classic goes. 2 layers I mean. And in the first stage this shouldn’t matter, but in the deck format finals the rules say “up to 3 beyblades” so would it be legal for me just to have 2 if I make it to finals?
You can also use only 1 beyblade for your final stage. Good luck!
(Oct. 22, 2021  9:17 PM)Virtuous Circle Wrote: [ -> ]You can also use only 1 beyblade for your final stage. Good luck!
Thanks! It’s my first classic tournament and with 2 beys it’s sure to be quite the challenge. I’ll try to not bring large, unnecessary items and bring the tools I need for the matches and everything this time. Sorry for the trouble about last weeks tournament.
Definitely gonna have a fun time with classic beys >:^)
(Oct. 22, 2021  10:18 PM)Cindercast Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely gonna have a fun time with classic beys >:^)

Hey, good luck!!
Just to let you know

Tournament starts at 2 pm sharply. If you are not familiar with this area, check google map, check how long it will take to get here, consider it is Saturday, consider there must be a traffic, check the map above again,  and leave home early.

Let me tell you this. There was one participant last Saturday who lives only 15 mins away. That person came an hour ago to check where to go, had a lunch, and then came back on time.

As the guideline states above,

2. Arrive On Time
You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

Things can happen against you no matter what you do. I totally understand that. If you have an unexpected incident on the way to get here, leave a message here, write something indicating you will be running late like something minutes. Then I can explain the situation to people who arrive on time and wait to be started.
I live an hour and 30 minutes away from where this tournament is being hosted via public transit. I should be leaving with my mom around 10:30 - 11:00 to try and make it there earlier in case there are traffic issues that will delay us.
Is the tournament still on because it disappeared from the tournament listings
(Nov. 05, 2021  6:16 AM)Rymac Wrote: [ -> ]Is the tournament still on because it disappeared from the tournament listings

No, it has been cancelled
This matches for event have now been processed.