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Full Version: Suit Up! It's Halloween, Trick or "BeyBlade"?
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Host : Virtuous Circle
Judge : Me, joeyflanders50, The First Cause
This is “WBO Burst Standard Format”, designed to provide first-time players and/or younger players with limited experience a chance to learn competitive blading in a friendly environment

If so, you are in the right place for this tournament!
Participant Cap : 12

*Halloween Costume Contest : The winner will be voted and chosen by staffs after first stage. 

**Tentative Prizes : American beyblade products with Surprise for Raffles after first stage

Format for the First stage : WBO single bey format
Format for the Final stage : WBO deck format
Stadium : Beyblade Burst Stadium B-09

*Battle Limit & Consecutive Draws
All first stage matches have a battle limit of ten battles. If a tenth battle is reached or a judge calls a third consecutive draw by outspin and :
1. One player has more points than the other: The player with more points wins the match.
2. The score is tied: the match score remains as is and each player selects a Beyblade with all different parts from the any previous incomplete match. Then, the match continues with the new Beyblades and:
The first player to score a point wins.
Or if the judge calls three consecutive draws by outspin, repeat step number two above.

Event Schedule 
1:50 -1:55PM Registration/Bracket Set-up
1:55 -2:00PM Announcements
2:00PM Tournament Starts

*Tournament can last up to 4 hours
*Legal parts /launchers will not be lent out by event staff/organizer.

Please see additional event information and any local or federal requirements below in regards to COVID 19.

*Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament violation.
This event has been approved.
Ay! Nice! Halloween tournament!
Yoooo a Halloween tournament nice!
Can I come anyway even though the participant max has been reached?
I want to make it CLEAR - it is ALREADY stated in the rule book and guideline above.

1. No WAITING LIST, Do Not show up without pre-registration - if you are not registered, do not come even for watching as a spectator. I will not let anyone play if not already registered in the morning of that tournament day.
2. No "LENDING" or "BORROWING" - I won't allow any of those. If you don't have proper equipment, you will not play.
3. No EXCEPTIONS against rules/guidelines. Do not ask favor only for you.

Rule is the rule.
I am very strict to follow the rule/guideline in order to run the tournament as smoothly as possible. I want all "REGISTERED" players to enjoy what they deserve.

@I am da fish - Don't forget #2 above.
Have fun, blading.
beyblade lol
The tournament is tomorrow! Good luck everyone!
This matches for event have now been processed.