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Splatoon - Captain_Ice - Oct. 26, 2019

Talk here about splatoon.

RE: Splatoon - BuilderROB - Oct. 26, 2019

I had Splatoon 2 on my Switch but I never got that competitive into it. It is a decent game IMO.

RE: Splatoon - dalewaters - Nov. 12, 2019

I like Splatoon 2 offline. I can manage some wins online about half the time (which is more than I could ever ask for online) but the offline allows me to practice in a (relatively) safe space without dying all the time. Running through the same stage with different weapons allows me to really understand what each weapon has to offer. 

RE: Splatoon - bladekid - Nov. 23, 2019

It's a really good game

RE: Splatoon - VileYuzu - Feb. 03, 2020

Splatoon is a great game but im really disappointed in the online implementation, i thought the sequel would fix it but it didnt
I just really wanna play in a squad with my friends online but its so hard to get everyone up to the same level to do so