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Beyblade Collection Storage - Fafnir_Dragoon - Aug. 12, 2019

So a quick question to all collectors/bladers. What do you guys use to store your beyblades?

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - Dash Driver - Aug. 12, 2019

(Aug. 12, 2019  1:37 AM)Fafnir_Dragoon Wrote: So a quick question to all collectors/bladers. What do you guys use to store your beyblades?
I just put them in my stadium.

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - kjrules17 - Aug. 12, 2019

I used to store all of my Burst parts in here:

But eventually, it got full, so I got 4 of these: and put all of my Energy Layers in one, then another for Discs and Frames, the third one for Drivers, and the last one for Launchers and Other Stuff. I now use the previous storage thing I had to store other Beyblade stuff.

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - KinkoUsagi - Aug. 12, 2019

I just use these: (for God, Single and Dual) and (For Cho-Z, GT and Plastic Gen). I usually try to keep the Beyblades assembled.

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - Rouzuke - Aug. 12, 2019

I put mine in a similar toolbox with 2 openings (at least for competitive combos), and put the rest in a heavy-duty large toolbox (parts are inside plastic containers for easy searching). Some of the surplus experimental combos I put in a courier box along with my practice launchers. Tournament launchers are kept in a display cabinet. I got no links for that cuz I live in the Philippines.

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - Emperor 1 - Aug. 12, 2019

i put my beyblades inside a toolbox for now.

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - XSabxManiacX - Aug. 12, 2019

I used to put mine in my Metal Saga stadium, and for my favorite Beys I had them in a storage box

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - bekfastblader - Aug. 12, 2019

I put mine in 5 different fishing bait boxes. Though it's annoying with all those huge beyblades being released. eugh

RE: Beyblade Collection Storage - Kry - Aug. 12, 2019

I'm not sure if they are sold in your country. But I use Tactix storage box organisers

this one is nice because it has space on both sides.