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RE: "Build me a Deck!" #2 - BladerColton - Sep. 26, 2021

(Sep. 25, 2021  7:08 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: Can someone give me advice to wether this deck is good?

Geist Fafnir 10 bump atomic
Twin nemesis outer orbit metal
Hazard Kerbeus 7 turn drift

The idea is that I use Kerbeus to get the first point, then choose one of the 2 same spin stamina combos I have to go counter to counter and I’ll win 5-4. But the most important thing is that I get the first point. Can anyone give me some pointers?

Yeah it’s pretty good, but idk much about limited. It looks fine.

RE: "Build me a Deck!" #2 - DeletedYT - Aug. 06, 2022

trash deck because i want you to lose: lightning-x istros, 12-wall,quest. this combo has trash burst resistance,horrible stamina,scrapes a ton,and is so light.

hasbro wrath fafnir with same combo. same problems.

Brave Valtryek 12-wall hasbro evolution'
basically stock brave valtryek with 12 and wall
Theres your deck! have fun losing!
(also to make it harder use a proto launcher)