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Drowning (M) - Short Story - The Writer - Mar. 07, 2013

My New Story!

(Based off a piece I did for English GCSE "Descriptive Writing" practice last year - it's not very long because the descriptive writing has to be kept to about a page and this is the best I could come up with)


RE: Drowning (M) - Short Story - Dual - Mar. 08, 2013

What the...that was amazing! It was awesome!
I just saw a few missing spaces but it was still nothing less than one of the greatest things I've ever read! Keep writing stories, your amazing!

RE: Drowning (M) - Short Story - LMAO - Mar. 08, 2013

It was amazing! Keep up the great work! I wish it was longer tho, even though it's a short story!

RE: Drowning (M) - Short Story - YsTrY7oN - Mar. 08, 2013

OK this is a good story, I read it. Good work out ~!
I like it. Smile

Although I don't like reading stories, but this one attracted me, for some reason, hah.