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Full Version: Favourite Protagonist Beys... (IYO -In your opinion)
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Brave Valkyrie
Union Achilles
Super Hyperion
Helios Volcano
Tempest Dragon
Dynamite Belial (obvi) (no other choice)

U can also post fav antagonist beys
Dynamite Belial Volcano Helios/Helios Blazebringer Brave Valkryie/Brave Valtryek
Protagonist beys: Storm Pegasus, Victory Valtryek, Command Dragon
Antagonist beys: Ronin Dragoon, Vex Lucius, Spryzen Requiem, Lost Luinor
Protagonist Beys:
-Dragoon V2
-Big Bang Pegasus
-Dynamite Belial
-Dangerous Belial
Antagonist Beys:
-Diablo Nemesis
-Lucifer The End
In order:
Perfect Phoenix
Rage Longinus
Lucifer The End
Cosmic Pegasus (I only like it because of Final Drive)
Slash Valkyrie ( I only like it because it adds burst in battles lmao)
Protags: Dragoon V2, Samurai Ifraid, Cho-Z Achilles, Ace Dragon, Imperial Dragon, King Helios, and Dynamite Belial

Antags: Spriggan Requiem, Dead Phoenix, Prime Apocalypse, Lucifer The End
Favorite Protagonist Beys: Big Bang Pegasus, Samurai Ifraid, God Valkyrie, Cho-z Achilles, Imperial Dragon, Hyperion Burn, Helios Volcano, and Dangerous Belial

Favorite Antagonist Beys: Lightning L-Drago, Hell Kerbecs, Diablo Nemesis, Berserker Behemoth, Spriggan Requiem, Dead Hades, Dead Phoenix, Regalia Genesis, and Lucifer the End
Brave Valkryie
Union Achilles
Command Dragon
Helios Volcano
Super Hyperion
Dynamite Belial