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Full Version: If you have played a card game (like yu-gi-oh), what has been your BEST turn ever?
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I was playing a match of a card game with my brother, he had a card that made me get one less mana for all of my effects (my deck needs to start its turn with 20 mana to win) I used an ally (sorta like a creature) to make this ally gain 1 toughness, then I crashed into the card that he had and triggered an effect to get 2 mana.
I don't really remember all the details, but I was once playing Lunalights in a Duel (I was up against D/D/D I think?) and ended up summoning all three bosses (Cat, Panther and Leo Dancer) in one turn, and winning in that same turn. Most glorious comeback of mine as of yet.
In MTG I stock up on lands and finished my opponent with a card that felt damage for each of my lands, best win yet! Smile
Well I play magic and I beat my friend in 3 turns
I forgot but I think I put smarted them that’s all I remember lol
I pulled 3 wilds in phase ten, instantly beat my phase
I only start playing such games, but it sounds interesting. Recently I've been interested in games with cards, and my friends and I often meet to play some games and develop our playing skills. We like games like the spider, solitaire, fool, etc. Please don't say that it can only be played on a computer; it's not true. If you don't know solitaire, it's a play with cards for one person. There are 6 cards on the table to work with; when no moves are left, you can use the rest of the deck. Also, we like to play jigsaw puzzles at speed. We choose something from free online jigsaw puzzles and put the timer on.
was playing uno and i had like 6 +2 cards
i was yelled at that night.
A small group of friends and I play "Adventure Time Card Wars" very competitively. Think yugioh+magic+more lane mechanics. There is only one 100 card booster set and 10 total structure decks making it a small and niche game/format. The best hand you can open in the "Sand" deck is a 3 card ftk that cannot be countered on the first turn. I have opened this up many times because i play 3 of each. You need 1 "Sandwich" who will burn your op for 1 point every time a card is bounced to your hand, 1 "Sailing Sand Crab" that lets you play a card with 1 cost for free when he enters play, and Sun Pyramid that lets you return a card with cost of 1 or less when summoned. You just set up the pyramid and sandwitch and keep bouncing crab in a hard loop until you win. Also because Sailing Crab is mandatory your opponent cant interrupt it with spells once you have summoned it. Easy 3 card ftk. Also fits into one of the best CWs decks, If you opponent is not on their toes you can drop this at any time and win.
This was in Yu-Gi-Oh a long while ago (pretty sure before links actually?)
The final turn, my field had been wiped last turn, both sides with <1000 LP. It was my turn, I had no monsters in my hand, I still had around 20 cards in my deck, all I needed was a single miracle fusion or else I would've lost, 2 of which had already been used. And luckily comedy struck. I drew it. And had summoned Vison Hero Trinity (first turn it's out it has 5,000 attack). And surprisingly, nothing the opponent had on the field could stand to that. And I won the game after 1 attack. It was really funny really.