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Full Version: If you have played a card game (like yu-gi-oh), what has been your BEST turn ever?
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I was playing a match of a card game with my brother, he had a card that made me get one less mana for all of my effects (my deck needs to start its turn with 20 mana to win) I used an ally (sorta like a creature) to make this ally gain 1 toughness, then I crashed into the card that he had and triggered an effect to get 2 mana.
I don't really remember all the details, but I was once playing Lunalights in a Duel (I was up against D/D/D I think?) and ended up summoning all three bosses (Cat, Panther and Leo Dancer) in one turn, and winning in that same turn. Most glorious comeback of mine as of yet.
In MTG I stock up on lands and finished my opponent with a card that felt damage for each of my lands, best win yet! Smile
Well I play magic and I beat my friend in 3 turns
I forgot but I think I put smarted them that’s all I remember lol
I pulled 3 wilds in phase ten, instantly beat my phase