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Full Version: B-189 Booster Guilty Longinus.Kr.MDs-2
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Releases September 11th, 2021.

Includes new DB Core (Longinus), Ring (Guilty), Disc (Kr/Karma) and Driver (MDs/Metal Destroy).
Also includes the L Gear, which replaces the 2 Armor on Dynamite Belial.Nx.Vn-2, and can be used with the Dynamite and Devil Blades in High Mode.

Official Images:
[Image: 4904810173748_b33d135972df44d69d89e450a6fc6499.jpg]
[Image: 4904810173748_95559124c1f546cb92677df6d6a32dd9.jpg]
[Image: 4904810173748_94898dd1ccdd4c9f88ea40bf61ea0b0b.jpg]
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Guilty is fine I guess.
The core and blade are solid, even if there's really nothing special about the designs or gimmicks besides "oh look they have a lot of metal" as if we haven't seen that for the past 6 seasons (though the dragon heads on the bottom of guilty is a pretty cool touch).
I like the disk name, Karma, although the disk itself isn't anything special besides a neat design.
I hate every metal lock driver no exceptions, but it's even worse since the longinus core has your average plastic teeth.
L Gear being permanent high mode is kinda bleh, defeats the whole purpose of the season and removes the gold. Though I wonder if it's low mode compatible without the F Gear?
Looke like the dragon head on the Core and Blade comtact point it not metal but silver plastic, only the dragon body is metal
Honestly, this release is like, it does barely enough to not be completely boring, but it's still your average Longinus, so really, what more is there to say? Probably going to replace Rage in Standard anyways.
What about the L armor precludes it from being used in low mode or on other rings? The head protrusions? Because I gotta be honest, I haven't seen much call for using Dynamite in high mode
I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of this Longinus' design. I'm sure it'll be good competitively, but aesthetically I don't like the way the dragon heads feel so slapped together. It feels like it's trying way too hard to one up the predecessors, but the way the metal dragon heads are positioned oddly behind one another IMO.
I wonder if this will make dynamite in high mode better/competitive.
[Image: unknown.png?width=1151&height=754]
Overall my thoughts on Guilty Longinus are pretty much mixed. The layer seems cool. Obviously I'm not that excited about a reused armour but I don't mind for the most part if I'm being honest. The DB Core has a cool design with the Longinus motif being nicely represented, although I must say that I do prefer rage's chip design over the core of Longinus. The blade is actually really cool from what I've seen, strictly talking about appearance in this aspect.  The dragon heads really do make Guilty look menacing of some sort. The disk has a nice name. It has a ring to it. Metal Destroy however is sort of disappointing, seeing as Metal Lock drivers have been shown to damage teeth of a layer when locked. The L gear certainly looks cool but the fact it's supposedly only available to use in high mode (correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not sure if this is confirmed) is kinda a turn off. But then again I still think it looks cool and I'm excited to see how Perfect Belial will perform. This Longinus is a nice evolution with a strong resemblance of Lost Longinus that I'm looking forward to see in action.
[Image: 4904810173748_b33d135972df44d69d89e450a6fc6499.jpg]
[Image: 4904810173748_94898dd1ccdd4c9f88ea40bf61ea0b0b.jpg]

So, my thoughts on Guilty Longinus, It looks like it'll have an aggressive shape and probably be a very hard hitter, I don't think (Yet) That it'll be better than rage, but, I'll probably pick it up so I could maybe customize it and make a competitive. The Karma Disk has a very sharp shape like Guilty, it'll probably be heavy, but probably not as heavy as Over. Nothing really to say about Destroy Metal, it'll probably just destroy Longinus' teeth, you better be saving cause you'll need like ten of these so they can last long, anyway, the only thing I really care about is the L Gear, ever since I saw it one though popped into my mind, I need that on my Dynamite Belial, it looks awesome! Plus, it'll probably make Dynamite heavier, (Maybe) Goodbye two armor and hello L Gear! I just wish it had a bit more detail. Overall, I'm probably gonna buy this and add a better tip on Longinus and maybe it'll be better, (I already have an awesome combo idea for it)

Longinus is now on Malloftoys!
I can't wait to get it
First Longinus I'm skipping. It just looks like they added 2 more heads to Rage/Zwei... I even thought the leaks were fake and some fan made this in photoshop lol. Overall a really unoriginal and boring design.

Metal Destroy doesn't exactly captivate me either.
(Aug. 11, 2021  9:16 PM)Limetka Wrote: [ -> ]First Longinus I'm skipping. It just looks like they added 2 more heads to Rage... I even thought the leaks were fake and some fan made this in photoshop lol. Overall a really unoriginal and boring design.

Yeah, it's basically Rage and Zwei squished together.
i think the design is wicked but thats just me

maybe the guilty ring will be great in attack combos
It probably will because of all of the metal! Just imagine this with jolt or ignition!
[Image: url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbeyblade.fand...AAABAD.jpg]

The design looks wicked but I expected it cause it's Longinus
Yeah me too. Every new Longinus they make has more and more metal so this really WAS expected
I think this bey looks cool! This looks a lot like lost Longinus, too. I noticed that a lot of the DB evolutions look like they are having throwback designs.
Review on Longinus!
(Aug. 11, 2021  11:14 PM)JCE_13 Wrote: [ -> ]I think this bey looks cool! This looks a lot like lost Longinus, too. I noticed that a lot of the DB evolutions look like they are having throwback designs.

I agree, (Though it looks a bit too plain) I think maybe Venture+V will go really will with this!
hopefully the ring will go pretty good with attack combos now I'm gonna go ask my parents if I can order it
The core of rage was a reference to bloody Longinus.

Me least favorite Longinus was bloody but it would be higher on my list if they added an exclusive frame to line up with the four dragon heads

My favs are zwei, rage, and guilty

My favs are zwei, rage, and guilty
Guilty is no doubt going to be a very good Blade, the core seems good with the metal and hopefully it has good teeth. Karma looks interesting, it's pretty much Nine as a DB Disk and could be useful but ya know, time will tell, MDs doesn't pique my interest whatsoever even by competitive standards. L-Gear seems cool but considering it's High Mode only is very unfortunate.

Honestly even though it looks cool, it's no doubt the laziest release of DB. Im simply getting this for Guilty, Longinus, Karma and L-Gear. Will probably pawn off 2 and MDs to my little cousin for her Beyblades
My thoughts:

Core - Somewhat nice-looking Core design, although it looks a little bit too crowded.

Blade - Probably my favourite Longinus part so far, it's probably gonna tear apart Vanish and Mirage.

Disk - Not really much to say other than cool design and name.

Driver - And here I thought that every DB Bey was going to have a new original Driver. Oh well. At least it'll be good on Lucifer II and Bahamut.

Armour - Unless it's a recolour, the Armour doesn't interest me much.

L Gear - It sucks that it can only be used in High Mode, but I always like the gap that High Mode created, so now I have a competitive reason to use Belial in High Mode.
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