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Full Version: Why are most TT beys better then Hasbro?
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I have seen that Hasbro beys lose against TT beys a lot I was just wondering why they kept losing even if you put the same 2 beys to battle except 1 is Hasbro and the other is TT.
Hasbro is lighter, they don’t have the gimmicks, they have the wrong parts, they have slopes instead of teeth which make the beysburst a lot more than they should, they don’t have any metal even on the newer beys. Hasbro is just horrible and you shouldn’t buy hasbro products. The only thing Hasbro is good for is gimmicky stadiums and the hypersphere system. Plus QR code’s for the app. But that’s it.
(Mar. 26, 2021  8:37 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: [ -> ]they have slopes instead of teeth which make the beysburst a lot more than they should.

Slopes don't make them worse, there's a lot of single/dual layer and evolution parts that have better burst resistance than their takara versions (Unicrest vs Unicorn, Balkesh B3 vs Arc Bahamut etc).
Personally Hasbro is just not worth it. No gimmicks, terrible slopes, Some beys have the wrong parts. The list goes on and on, and dont even get me started on pro series. Hasbro may be cheaper (that explains the no gimmicks lmfao) but TT is where its at if you want actual good beys. Thank freaking god i work a part time job
hasbro isnt the worst, but its good for little kids who have no idea what tt is, or for just fun.
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