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Full Version: Help for my Ifraid Begirados combo, please!
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Hi Guys, anybody knows a good bottom and track for my Metal Fight combo Ifraid Begirados? I actually use CH-120 and R2F but his stamina and speed are very weak, however, it has a really amazing smash and upper attack even with his weak spin. I hope you can help me to find better pieces for that combo, or, recommend me a better combo. Thanks in advance.[Image: 152253144_352369122495886_29650927607286...e=60575F3F][Image: 152574182_282986073399284_75733089471970...e=6054ED7E]
Your tip have some dust(?), this can cause the bey to lose more stamina and speed. Idk anything about mfb but cleaning it would help.
I think Hole flat is good for attack and stamina for normal mfb but is for short beys
try with Hoe flat and the rest of the combo and if it does not do well change the track to a lower one
Hi man, i would recommend Metal Flat as bottom if you want more stamina at the cost of losing some speed and grip to the stadium (not to a critical degree, though). For attack combos in mfb the lower spin tracks are generally preferred (85,90,100,105,w105) over tall ones for better stability in the stadium. Oh, and a Metal Stone Face would help to get some weight and improve even further your combo. Hole Flat is a fragile bottom, for sure it's a good compromise between attack and stamina but still fragile.