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Full Version: What are your favorite Burst avatars?
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I always thought the avatars in Burst looked really cool even though they are basically same animation repeated throughout the series and don't do much (compare these to L-Drago wrecking Hades City), so wanted to know which avatars do you guys like the most?

My favorites are Legend/Requiem Spriggan (they're pretty much same, though I like Legend's black armor more), Judgement Joker, Mirage Fafnir, Nightmare Longinus, Beast Behemoth and Victory/God/Strike-God Valkyrie (they're literally the same thing).
My boi Valkyrie
Variant Lucifer, Lucifer TheEnd, All Diabolos, All Longinus, Hell Salamander
my favorite avatar is tempest dragon's
Cho-Z Valkyrie, Slash Valkyrie, Brave Valkyrie, Nightmare Longinus, Bloody Longinus, Rage Longinus, Legend Spriggan, Spriggan Requiem, Cho-Z Spriggan, Sieg Xcalibur, Buster Xcalibur, Emperor Forneus, Cho-Z Achilles, Revive Phoenix, Geist Fafnir, Mirage Fafnir, Helios Volcano, Hyperion Burn, Dread Bahamut, Venom/Erase Diabolos, Master Diabolos.
Hmm any Longinus, Diabolos, Valkyrie, Dragon, and Lucifer Avatar for me
Duo Eclipse/Beat Kukulcan/Longinuses/Spriggans/Galaxy Zeus
Achilles and nemesis
Strike God Valkyrie, Winning/Cho-Z Valkyrie (same difference), Spriggan Requiem, World Spriggan, Nightmare Longinus, Revive Phoenix, Master Diabolos, and Lucifer The End