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Full Version: about beyblade burst rise or GT
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i know this is late but why did they do this season i mean there is nothing special about it than bring a drum into the scene 
the season was short ,less good battles ,no new character besides drum were introduced that would carry on in the next season ,the storyline is just boring unlike aigers which had the creation of the bey ,training, making friends through rivals ,becoming strong with battling with older pros in the scene
personally i did not enjoy that season as much as the others and this season,imo this is one of the first mistakes that burst series has done
The shorter season isn't a thing thats under their control. The time span a child will watch an episode on Youtube is like 10 minutes, they don't really sit through 20 minute YouTube videos you know? About the characters not carrying on from each season, who did you see returning from Turbo? Yeah, Aiger. The creation of the bey is a really small part, Dante has lot of friends and rivals, and Dante got to battle with Aiger and Dante. Their where plenty of good battles in my opinion. You got Dante vs Lodin, Delta vs Blindt, Dante vs Aiger, Delta vs Aiger, Pheng vs Delta was above average imo. Dante vs Arthur is great, Dante vs Gwyn is great, Arman vs Arthur, and Dante and Delta vs Arthur and Gwyn final tag battle match in WBBA vs Inferno. Also the final battle was also above average as well, with Develos and Dragon fusing.

btw the thing about the battles is my opinion and if you think they were more boring thats fine.
Rise was not all that bad actually
i can just agree with the last two battles you mentioned and the one with aiger the others were just ok i mean you really cant get the feeling you get in the other battles for example in turbo when fighting the first title match with volt or having a battle with shu or free and with the number of episodes it has always been 20 mins so you might be right on this one but it still doesn't create the deepness in the seasons story they could have double the number of episodes to 102 instead of 51 episodes of 10 mins two on the same day of the week or two different days

but ngl i really did like the final battle and the rainbow flux

it was not bad it was just less compared to others imo
I hated the part when mr. loser interrupted Aiger and Delta´s battle
yeah i mean he just had a face of a villain after they figured out how to burst apocalypse he just kept on lost even with the eclipse armour that gwen gave

gwen is a better antagonist than arthur change my mind
Gwyn looks like elsa lmao.
But I kinda wish Valt lost once
yeah if his gender was changed and his his body was given more flesh and taller bones and good old princess dress
(Nov. 30, 2020  8:01 PM)PVA_FIGHTER Wrote: [ -> ]yeah if his gender was changed and his his body was given more flesh and taller bones and good old princess dress

ok I think you ruined burst for me lol
nah it could be ok
just a nightmare
I wish Shu, Lui, Free, and Phi came back in Rise
that's one more thing that made rise less exciting but atleast aiger came back
(Nov. 30, 2020  8:08 PM)PVA_FIGHTER Wrote: [ -> ]that's one more thing that made rise less exciting but atleast aiger came back

Yeah but he lost 2 times
i mean he had to if aiger won with arthur then it will not make sense it always had to be dante
sad Aiger music plays
(Nov. 30, 2020  8:12 PM)EarthHelios Wrote: [ -> ]sad Aiger music plays

The results:
Dante= WIn (2-0)
Arman= Win (2-0)
Dante= Win (2-0)
Delta if it happened= Win (2-0)
Aiger vs, Dante= No Outcome
Arman= Win(4-0)
Dante= Win (3-2)
Delta+ No Outcome
Arthur= Lose (2-0)
Valt vs. Dante= No Outcome