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Full Version: How did you get into competitive Beyblade?
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Now here's a thread I'm surprised doesn't exist yet, as far as I can tell: There's one for general Beyblade as a hobby, but not so much the competitive aspect of it. There seems to be a pretty sizable population gap between the casual fanbase (anime watchers, casual collectors, etc.) and the competitive community for Beyblade for some reason, and I'm a bit interested in finding out why.

Backstory (why does this thread exist?)

TL;DR: I was wrong to think that making competitive Beyblade YouTube videos would grow interest in the competitive scene of the game, so now I'm asking all active and former competitive players: Do you remember how exactly you got into the competitive aspect of Beyblade? Also, for any casual fans that happen to be reading this, your input is welcome too: What discourages you from getting into competitive, and is there anything that could be done, in your opinion, to make the competitive aspect of the game more appealing?

I feel like I've always technically been "into it", like even when I got my first few Beyblades 8 years ago I was trying out all these different combos to find the best one so I could beat everyone else in my friendgroup, so is it just something you either have interest in, or don't?
Well some years ago some people at school were playing beyblade. I was into bakugan at the time but thought it was cool. I got my first bey hades h3 and went to school with it. How no one was playing anymore. The teachers must habe told them off but I didn't want to think I bought hades for nothing. I bought more and collected and eventually was looking for information about a beyblade (I forget which one) and stumbled across a wbo thread. That's how I got into beyblade and found the wbo. I was a guest for quite awhile before I actually made thus account.
I loved watching the anime and was so interested by how there were tournaments and wanted to go to one. I remember watching BZK and reading the description of a video. There was a link to here, and I started reading around. I found some of kjrules17’s testing threads (and this was before he was staff, I think) and was fascinated by how it all looked. Fast forward 6-10 months and there were tournament listings for Virginia and Maryland. I ended up going to the Maryland one and I loved it.

I enjoyed being able to see so many other Bladers and being able to battle them. I noticed patterns in what people were using, had fun being around other people with the same interest as me, and got to learn a bit how the tournaments were run. Tournaments really helped keep me into the hobby, and here.
Yes finally an epic backstory time (it’s not really lol)

My friend introduced to me to beyblade in hasbro switchstrike time. I got satomb S3 and valtryek V3 as my first beyblades. I got lots more beyblades and continued playing for a few months probably around GT .

I stopped until September of this year where I got involved since I was bored in quarantine. So then I got my first Takara tomy beyblade, Super Hyperion as I really like Hyuga. So then a few days after I searched online for beyblade tournaments since I saw a YouTube video about it and thought it would be really cool.

I found this website and saw a tournament that was beginning that same week with three spots left called “The Battle of The Roses.” I made an account and me and my brother signed up.
I went their and used Balkesh, 0, Bump, Bearing and my brother used Super Hyperion Stock.
We won red dragren venom diabolos and death diabolos. I said I would wait for another time since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to one next week but as soon as I came back home I realized how much fun I had and had to go to more.

Then I went to The Battle of the Titans and got mirage Fafnir. But didn’t do the best. I went to the next tournament and I did really good with my mirage 2s Xtend+ bearing notable bladers like cscramon, UnionAchilles, and SSJR I also got fourth on the third and fourth tournaments I ever did. I also did a classic after but I did horrible lol. I won a few more prizes like Ace Valkryie Random Layer and Dead Hades 1 High Blow’.

Ok sorry for making this a history of my wbo account but yeah without tournaments it would have been another phase that I would just pass on after a week or so. Tournaments are the only thing keeping me on here and I’m glad I m in here. Thanks to everyone
Okay, so I'm pretty casual when it comes to Beyblade. I can't really afford to grab that many, and I never participated in a tournament before. I've always been a fan since Metal Fusion back in 2010-2011. For the longest time, I kept my beyblade consumption on the casual end until very recently. Way early this year (I forgot which month), I managed to grab a couple Burst Beyblades from the Dollar Tree: Kerbeus.W.F, Roktavor.C.A, and Minoboros.O.Q (Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any more there since). They were all single packs, so I didn't have a launcher for a couple months until Spring where I grabbed Turbo Achilles.00.Dm-S. When I did, I went online to see if my purchase was a good one or a bad one. The moment I went on the official Beyblade Fandom page and started looking through all the parts, I was hooked on the Competitive Aspect. For the longest time, I had never considered that Beyblade could actually have a competitive scene, but finding out that it did fascinated me. Now, I do as much research as I can to get a firm grasp of Competitive Beyblade, and to understand the inner workings of it. Heck, even back in my metal fusion days, customization was always my favorite aspect of this game. Each part allows for different options and different techniques.

Now, about the Competitive scene and why I choose not to participate in it. Unfortunately, it's the main appeal of beyblades: the social aspect. For me, I've always lived a kind of sheltered life. I never went to any friends' houses as a kid, and I never really asked any friends to come over to my house either. As a result, I'm kind of uncomfortable around people. Not only that, but I never had a reliable mode of transport. Even to this day, only one of my relatives can drive; and he's a bit finicky about his time, so I never even attempted to bother him about anything. So I kind of treated beyblades as a "study-and-research" type activity and not a "go hang out with friends/strangers" type activity. So, even though I love competitive beyblade, and I study the craft pretty much every day, I don't think I can participate in it for a long, long time (even longer thanks to quarantine).

I, sincerely, don't know how to get others into Competitive Beyblade. The reason I love this game is likely not a common one. I'm not sure if there's a way to get people to like the competitive aspect without getting them to like the game in the first place. What makes this worst is that this isn't a video game or card game, these are Battle Tops. They're toys. I'm not sure if anyone can take our hobby seriously, and I'm even less sure they'll give the competitive scene a shot. As grim as it sounds, I think the only thing we can do is promote the competitive aspect of this game, and just hope for the best.
I first got into Beyblade in general when me and my little brother bought 1. I got Valtryek V3 and my little brother got Typhon T4. We played in a homemade cardboard stadium and I started watching the anime immediately afterwards. Fast forward a while and my collection was much bigger and my little brother became bored of Beyblades, leaving me with no one to play with. I started watching videos on YouTube and saw a YouTuber go to a tournament to test out this combo. I immediately googled "How to join a beyblade tournament" and found the WBO. I made my account and joined my first tournament. I have been competitive ever since.