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Full Version: Parkour
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So I started training about seven months ago or so. Are there any other traceurs or traceuses on the boards?

For those of you who don't know:

It's pretty fun and exciting. It's an amazing feeling when you can do something you couldn't do yesterday. Parkour does wonders for your confidence. Along, with all the amazing vaults and flips there is a bit of philosophy behind it.
I'm into parkour, but there aren't many places you can learn from in Sydney, so I watch videos online (It's harder).
I'm not that good though.
Well, it seems like parkour is going to become a bit more popular in the US. Maybe it'll blow up in your area and you'll have plenty of training buddies.
I used to be really into and down here you can get lessons.
Some of my friends do lessons and are pretty good at it. I never really got the hang of it though.
Espio had made this topic, by the way :