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Full Version: Prototype Thread
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bump flash
bump sword
bump buster
bump slash
limit break: the bump
bump tornado
revive Phoenix prototype
maximum Garuda with metal chip core
0 bump
world spriggan prototype
lord diabolos hurricane unite'
brave Valkyrie prototype
mirage fafnir prototype
wizard fafnir gen blitz nothing
idk what other ones to Come up with
Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture -2 in God form:
Strike God Valkyrie (from B-96) 6Star Anchor
Strike God Valkyrie from B-96 is black, looking like Dynamite Belial. The shape of Nexus is like wings so I put 6 and I put star because of the many contact points. Anchor was chosen as it had rubber around it, like Venture. 

Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never -6 in God form:
Blaze Ragnaruk 7Bump Yielding
Blaze Ragnaruk is a small Cyclone Ragnaruk. Giga is the second heaviest disc, just like 7 in God (I think), and Bump to make it larger. Yielding because of the POM around it like Never. 

Vanish Fafnir Tapered Kick -3 in God form:
Drain Fafnir 3Lift (downskirt) Rise
Drain Fafnir is only thing that resembles Vanish Fafnir, I put 3Lift as Tapered isn't very heavy (like 3), and it hangs lower so Lift in downskirt is like that. I chose Rise since it resembles Kick that it can stand upright while not spinning. 

Roar Bahamut Giga Moment -10 in God form:
Arc Bahamut 7Bump Guard
Again, only Arc Bahamut resembles it. Giga is the same as what I said with Ragnaruk, Guard because it looks like Moment. 

Savior Valkyrie Shot -7 in God form:
God Valkyrie Sting Bullet
God Valkyrie and Sting both have springs in them, like Savior Valkyrie. Bullet because it jumps a little when the mini-bey comes out. 

Astral Spriggan Over Quattro -0 in God form
Spriggan Requiem 0 Xtreme/Orbit Metal/Wedge
Astral Spriggan is literally a larger Requiem, 0, like Over is almost completely round. Zeta did not seem like a good fit to Quattro so I just seperated into three parts. 

Guilty Longinus Karma Metal Destroy -2 in God form
Nightmare Longinus 9Star Destroy'
Guilty Longinus is a larger and less purple Nightmare Longinus. Since I could not use Nine that looks like Karma since Nightmare Longinus can only use 9 (which is fitted into the layer), Star, like what I said in Nexus, was chosen.
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