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Full Version: Burst Limited Testing and Discussion
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Hey everyone, here's a thread to test and discuss Hasbro Burst stuff for the Burst Limited Format.

I wanted to start off this thread by comparing several Layers.

The Layers currently being compared are Xcalius X3, Xcalius X4 (both modes), Hades H3, Khalzar K3, Noctemis N3 (both modes), Turbo Valtryek V3, Turbo Achilles A4 as well as several HyperSphere Layer Bases from Beyblade Burst Rise (Sword, Ace, Union (both modes), Judgement, Venom, Harmony, Rock, Cosmic, Glyph, Bushin, and Monster) on the current tightest Right-Spin GT Chip of mine, Joker J5. I also want to test other HyperSphere Layer Bases (examples include Hasbro's Knockout, Imperial, Prime, etc.) as we get more and more releases but these are the ones I have at the moment.

Weights Of Layers From Least To Greatest (Click to View)

The current comparison will be general effects and both Layers will be on 00Bump Atomic-S (Battle Ring Mode) with the Discs and Drivers being switched halfway through the tests. I will also try to compare Stamina only as well as Mobile and Stationary Attack down the line.

Something to also note when going into these tests is that HyperSphere Layer Bases have an advantage over their predecessors from the SwitchStrike and SlingShock lines. The tightness of a HyperSphere combo can be changed by using a different GT Chip. So in addition to the Driver, Disc, or another part making the combo tight, you can now improve the tightness in another way while keeping the parts that make contact with the opponent the same. Because of this, if the opposing combo has lower Burst Resistance than the HyperSphere combo, the former might have a higher chance of Bursting compared to the latter, even if the former is heavier. This happened in some of the tests below. Very interesting stuff.

Also, while Turbo Achilles A4 is currently banned, this testing was done before Burst Limited was announced. I hadn't tested it yet and I wanted to see how it'd interact with Limited stuff.

Also, some of the tests may not have all the individual matches viewable. I thought I had copied them over when I finished them but I guess not. Sorry lol.

This post will be edited as I complete more and more tests.

Xcalius X3 General Effect Tests (Click to View)

(Normal Mode) Xcalius X4 General Effect Tests (Click to View)

(Breaker Mode) Xcalius X4 General Effect Tests (Click to View)
Just got Monster recently thanks to so I'm gonna add it to these Burst Limited tests that I'm doing.

Monster Joker J5 weighs 12.52 grams.

Xcalius X3 00Bump Atomic-S (Battle Ring Mode) (Odd) vs. Monster Joker J5 00Bump Atomic-S (Battle Ring Mode) (Even) (Switch Discs And Drivers After 10 Battles)
- X3.00B.At-S: 3 OS, 2 Burst, 1 KO (30% Win Rate)
- MJ5.00B.At-S: 14 Burst (70% Win Rate)

Battles 1-10: X3 had 00B (1) and At-S (1), MJ5 had 00B (2) and At-S (2)
Battles 11-20: X3 had 00B (2) and At-S (2), MJ5 had 00B (1) and At-S (1)

Monster actually Burst Xcalius X3 the most out of all the HyperSphere Layer Bases I've done so far.

Also putting this in the opening post as well.

EDIT: The general effect tests for (Normal Mode) Xcalius X4 and (Breaker Mode) Xcalius X4 have been added to the opening post too.
Can somebody do testing on shadow/shining Amaterios tt