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Full Version: Seattle
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Yo bladers my name is Marco Coolidge. I recently got into beyblades a couple weeks ago when I had to watch my nephew for the weekend. I ended buying the cool launcher that looks like a shark with its bey. I believe it's called fornus and it seems to be a pretty dope bet but the launcher crapped out. Over the weekend I thought it would be cool to find some tourneys near us but the bey scene isn't bursting around the north west as other places. So my mission is to play a big part for the north west bey bladers near and far from me. So if you love bey blading and want to see the bey scene burst into action and grow in the north west Holla at ya boooy! 
Im one! Thoe there is not to many bladers in seattle
We gotta change that!!
Hey I no I'm late but I have two other people and if your near the yakima area hit me up
Hi my name is Hunter if you want to fight tell me but so you know I live in near by that parity close so if you want to fight tell me what time day and place ok.
Hello! I live in Olympia! I’d be super excited to do a tournament here in WA state! Grin