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Full Version: Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: WHAT GOES ROUND COMES AROUND – 10/13/19
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October 13, 2019 • High Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Burst Format • Official Event PageResults Spreadsheet

The final match between OldSchool™ and originalzankye!

On October 13th, 2019 the Toronto Beyblade community gathered for “WHAT GOES ROUND COMES AROUND” at High Park, our first event since September’s BEY OR DIE II.

We had 19 participants and played using Swiss Format.

Enjoy the report below! You can also view some additional video clips in my collection of saved stories on Instagram.

First Stage

The First Stage was absolutely dominated among the top players by various Lord and Judgment variants.

Lord was seen on Xtend Plus, Bearing, and Atomic for the most part. Almost every match I saw involved at least one of these.

Judgment saw the most success on Xtreme’. OldSchool™ in particular apparently became an attack god since the last tournament and won several of his matches with it in the first stage!

Now, while Lord is of course extremely powerful … I don’t think the amount of use it saw is reflective of what is actually still good beyond it: Judgment, Perfect Phoenix, Archer Hercules, Zwei, Balkesh, for example.

But, given the double blind nature of the first stage, you’d be hard pressed to find something that is as safe overall as Lord right now. Maybe that’s something that would change in a Pick 3 Choose 1 style tournament, but I haven’t tried that out yet.

[Image: UWbkEwB.jpg]

Final Stage

The Final Stage also saw a lot of Lord and Judgment. But in terms of deck composition, the general trend seemed to be Xt+ combo (usually right-spin), Br combo (usually Balkesh B3), and an attack combo (Judgment/Zwei X’/Qc’).

Some of the outliers were originalzankye’s deck, which was: Union Diabolos Blitz Charge, Dread Bahamut Convert Atomic Gen, and Lord Achilles/Spriggan 0 Cross Xtend+. The UD.Bl.Ch combo did well to counter Justin TC’s Judgment X’ combo in the first round of the finals, putting an end to his tournament winning streak (after going 6-0 in the First Stage too!). You can see a video of that in the collection of stories on my Instagram.

[Image: ruSyo9K.jpg]

I think that more active counters like this to Judgment are what’s really needed to feel like you have a decent chance of beating it. Judgment is incredible when it can land clean hits on immobile combinations, but once you introduce movement/speed against it (especially with something that doesn’t have a ton of recoil), it can run into some trouble.

henwooja1 made use of pP.Ω.R in one of his matches. He used the classic hard bank Revolve strategy and was able to avoid significant blows from BladerBeast’s Judgment combo. I think that Revolve is a Driver which is underutilized these days; it can’t compete in opposite spin, but it has a relatively strong spring, amazing same spin stamina performance (especially on something like pP.Ω), and can be banked more effectively than something like Xt+ in my opinion.

[Image: JinrDaM.jpg]

My Matches
In my first match, I was able to counter Newtype 5-0 using a Lord combo.

Against OldSchool™, I successfully predicted his Deck … but ended up not really having a good enough hard counter to Judgment. I hadn’t realized at the time how well he had been doing with it during the First Stage, so despite knowing he would have it, I wasn’t confident he’d be able to use it well so I didn’t put a hard counter for it in my Deck.

Regardless, it was a close match! I lost 5-3. Almost every round was a knock out, and he won the final round by KOing my Perfect Phoenix combo with JD.BL.X’. I was sad to lose, but it’s hard to be too upset when you get beat by an attack type.

In the third place match, I was up against henwooja1. His deck was JJ.Bl.X’, ZL.10E.Om, and LS.0C.Xt+ (Left) and I had added a Zwei attack combo into my deck … so I had one combo that had the potential to beat everything in his deck. Although, I was surprised by his inclusion of Judgment, as his deck in the previous round had no pure attack types.

Unfortunately, it ultimately ended up being a Zwei vs Judgment match and I lost 5-3 haha. I was surprised as I’ve found that Zwei usually does well against Judgment, but it just didn’t work out!

It was ironic for me to have lost entirely to attack types in the finals at this event after losing to stamina at BEY OR DIE II. I had solved the stamina problem pretty well in my mind with some adjustments to my approach, but didn’t account enough for a rise in the usage of attack types.

It exemplified to me the importance of not only preparation, but of observation during an event. I recognized the major trends, but not the minor details which led to my downfall.

Final Match: originalzankye vs. OldSchool™
As you probably saw in the video of the final match linked at the top of the report, originalzankye was pitted against OldSchool™ in his first ever final match! He’s been picking up steam lately after his third place finish at BEY OR DIE II.

[Image: MJuGhuy.jpg]

This match ended up being a reflection of the entire tournament: Judgment versus Lord. OldSchool™ put up a valiant effort, but was unfortunately stymied in particular by a series of four consecutive (ridiculous) wall saves by Lord in one of the rounds.

It was quite entertaining! But to a certain degree it also exhibited to me the phenomenon I explained recently:

Kei Wrote:However, the introduction of Lord Spriggan has made things tricky. Judgment and Zwei can certainly deal with it, but there also seems to be many cases where they suffer intense recoil and self-KO in matches against things like LS Xt+ (where LS Xt+ gets the wall-save). So, despite their power they don't always feel "safe" to me in that sort of matchup.

Lord to me seems like the ultimate “anything can happen” combo in a lot of situations. It gives you a chance to win against anything if played correctly.

The same thing can be said about Judgment combos. And that’s sort of a problem with the game in general right now; everyone is leaning on combos that give you a chance to win against anything. But, I certainly understand the reasons why and am a participant in this myself … we’ll see how things go next time!


Thank you as always to everyone who contributed to or helped to run this event!: , TC”, Shady”, , , , , and .

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below.

Winning Combinations

[Image: N2FxDFh.jpg]

Lord Pegasus 0 Cross Xtend+
Lord Spriggan 0 Cross Xtend+ (Deck Format Finals Only)
Union Diabolos Blitz Charge (Deck Format Finals Only)

Judgment Diabolos Blitz Xtreme'
Archer Hercules 00 Cross Xtend+

Lord Pegasus 0 Cross Xtend+
Lord Longinus 0 Cross Xtend+
Judgement Joker 0 Proof Xtreme' Zan
Perfect Phoenix Ωuter Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)
Judgment Joker Blitz Xtreme' (Deck Format Finals Only)
Balkesh B3 00 Wall Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)
Lord Spriggan 0 Cross Xtend+ (Deck Format Finals Only)
Zwei Longinus 10 Expand Orbit Metal Retsu (Deck Format Finals Only)

4th: Kei

More Photos

[Image: NIBDypB.jpg]

[Image: 9iFTO6t.jpg]

[Image: oZdtbys.jpg]

[Image: zIQWajj.jpg]

[Image: xMIdmCu.jpg]

[Image: aryCeTH.jpg]

[Image: rM9cFl7.jpg]

[Image: p7SmqMd.jpg]

[Image: 086xaZL.jpg]

[Image: k3XYkHn.jpg]

[Image: hJuSbw8.jpg]

[Image: DygaZ09.jpg]

[Image: O2wudTx.jpg]

[Image: azld6pr.jpg]

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